If you want to enter or exit the arena of crypto trading, the place to start and finish this job is through exchanges. It is of no surprise that bitcoin or crypto trading markets have flooded the market. Some of them are well established doing millions of transactions worth billions of dollars every day, while some of them are relatively obscure. is one of the unknown exchanges in the market.

What Is is 24-hour bitcoin exchange service based in San Diego, providing Bitcoin exchange service for clients from all over the world. A user can simply order exchange for his/her bitcoin exchange on their website and within 2 hours the bitcoins can be turned into dollars and sent via Western Union. is a small, family run business owned by Mike and Alex Abravanel. The brothers after graduating from San Diego State University started looking for entrepreneurial opportunities and realized cryptocurrencies are going to be huge. They realized that one of the biggest problems with bitcoins was turning them into money. This inspired them to set up to help clients quickly and easily cash out. has since exchanged bitcoins with over 1026 clients, and keeping in spirit with the anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies, they require no personal information. Only Email address, receiver name and city is required for registration.

Their services are easy, secure and fast providing a trustworthy and dependable exchange solution for bitcoins.

How BitcoinTransfer BTC Exchange To Paypal & Western Union Works

The site is a simple one with the transfer happening in three easy steps.

Step 1:

The user has to enter the amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum they want to exchange and select the channel through which they want to receive their money. Currently, the channels offered are Western Union USD, PayPal, and bank Transfer USD. As soon as you enter the amount of Bitcoin that you want to convert, you get the conversion amount. Maximum transfer amount is 19.5 BTC and minimum is 0.03 BTC.

Step 2:

This is the part where the user enters their Email address, name and City. Once they are done with that and gone through the Terms and Conditions(and agreed), they can go to the next step.

Step 3:

This is the final step wherein the user enters the BTC address and the PayPal, Bank details or Western Union address. In these simple 3 steps, a user can get their money transferred. Conclusion

There are many services in the market which provides similar services as They are not the best service in the market and not the worst too. However, it does the job. Go for only if you do not like bigger exchanges.

You can get more details about their website on

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  1. Unfortunately I transferred some bitcoins to them and they never sent me back USD.
    Stay away from them! It’s a SCAM

    • I had a feedback from them…. they use your name:
      Now you are associate as a stealer of bitcoin!


      I just marked this transaction for a refund.
      You will receive BTC back to your account automatically within next 5 days.

      Sarah Azad

  2. Hello,

    I send them 2k $ bitcoin for western and never get any money, even any answer.
    THEY ARE SCAM!!! is scam!


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