BitcoinZ (BTCZ) Introduces KioskZ Table-Top Crypto Payments Hardware

Have you ever heard of BitcoinZ? Do not confuse it with the original Bitcoin or think that this is a hard fork. BitcoinZ is a token on its own. BitcoinZ follows the principles of the original Bitcoin but also the addition of privacy of zkSnarks, which improves the decentralization and privacy of the network.

This token has recently launched a new update in which the KioskZ feature was released. KioskZ gives restaurants the power to reduce fees and accept cryptocurrency payments (but receiving in fiat currency).

The community of this token is engaged in creating new products that can be used with the token to strengthen its ecosystem and KioskZ is part of this. The community has also created several other improvements like Zhash, a new algorithm, and a version of the Linux OS: ZhashOS.

By being decentralized, it means that the community has the final say on how everything will work on BitcoinZ, from what projects are being developed on top of this blockchain to important decision that will decide the future of the company.

About KioskZ

The main idea that drove the developers to start their work on KioskZ is to give decentralized solutions for people so that they do not have to spend a lot of money on them. At the moment, this platform will support four different tokens: BitcoinZ, Bitcoin, SafeCoin and Litecoin. There is a chance that more cryptos will be usable in the near future.

The creators of the company have made it clear that additional tokens can be listed on KioskZ for a fee of 2.5 BTCZ during the first 30 days and the price will likely increase after this. The money will be used on the further development of the product.

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