Integrated ventures, which recently launched bitcolab, could disrupt the B2B market with its new products. The platform has been named “CryptoFunder.” This is a financial platform, based on the blockchain, which will act as a decentralized lending leger. It will be used to offer a safe, secure, verifiable, and permanent method of storing lending information.

It will utilize the same technology as that used by many digital coins such as Ethereum, Blockchain, and Litecoin. The focus of CryptoFunder will be to qualify, initiate, underwrite, and process funding transactions. The cryptoFunder will also be able to track digitally mined assets and use them as the main means of payment for lending contracts, loans, and convertible debt notes.

It is the First of Its Kind

The CryptoFunder is the first lending platform of its kind based on digital coins. It will offer businesses, especially those that are publicly traded, access to a non-dilutive funding structure. Best of all is that everything is going to be funded by a transparent and flexible ledger with everything stored on the blockchain.

According to the CEO of integrated Ventures, the CryptoFunder is their way in the blockchain market. This comes at a time when crypto coins are gaining traction.

About Integrated Ventures

This is a company whose focus is launching, acquiring, and operating products related to cryptocurrencies. It deals with the sale of branded mining rigs, equipment making, currency mining, and the development of blockchain software.


This is a subsidiary of Integrated Ventures; it pursues opportunities created by crypto coins. The focus is on mining, pooling, hosting, and distributing its brand of mining rig and development of blockchain apps for the financial sector.

It is a platform for the cloud mining of cryptocurrencies such as dashcoin, ethereum, and bitcoin. It also mines many other altcoins. This platform is open to both newbies and pros who would like to get a steady income without making purchases of expensive equipment.

BITCOlab Utilizes Solar Energy

Bitcolab uses solar energy to power its operations. This is a response to criticism that internet-based firms harm the environment. This is because they create a demand for electricity from environmentally harmful sources.

In short, the Bitcolab has two areas of focus. One of them is that they mine for bitcoin and other kinds of cryptocurrencies. The other is that they are deeply involved in the development of software for use on the blockchain.

The market for their services is global, and they market and sell everything online. Through mining Bitcoin, they are able to aid in the development of new bitcoins. All the equipment they sell for purposes of mining has undergone extensive testing to ensure it is efficient.

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