Bitcomo BM ICO

Bitcomo is a decentralized advertising network based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. Find out how it plans to disrupt advertising today in our review.

What is the Bitcomo BM ICO?

Bitcomo aims to create “the next generation of performance marketing in digital advertising.”

The platform is a decentralized digital advertising network based on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Bitcomo seeks to disrupt one specific aspect of digital marketing: cost per action (CPA) marketing. Bitcomo is developing a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that connects advertisers with publishers, then facilitates payment in a transparent way.

All Bitcomo transactions are performed in BM tokens. The ICO for BM tokens is underway between January and February 2018.

What Problems Does Bitcomo Seek to Solve?

Bitcomo sees a problem with traditional cost per action (CPA) marketing. In classic CPA marketing, the business process consists of a long chain of interactions between the advertiser, the banks, the affiliate program, the payment system, and the affiliate.

There are too many middlemen between the advertiser and the affiliate. Each stage of this process incurs costs and increases time. There’s an increased risk of human error and loss of information during transmission.

Bitcomo seeks to solve these problems and increase price and time efficiency in the advertising industry.

How Does Bitcomo Work?

Bitcomo wants to improve time and price efficiency in the CPA advertising industry. To do that, Bitcomo will implement smart contracts and blockchain:

Price Efficiency:

The blockchain is used to eliminate time costs, reduce the risk of human error and information loss during transmission, and keep commissions for each transaction to a minimum.

Time Efficiency:

With a traditional CPA, the publisher receives payment within a grace period. With Bitcomo, payments are made at the time of smart contract confirmation.

Overall, Bitcomo’s team sees blockchain as “a clear and elegant anti-fraud solution.” Inefficiency and fraud are two big problems in digital advertising, and Bitcomo aims to solve those problems by fixing the entire cycle of exchange from publisher to advertiser. That entire process – sale, action, goal completion, etc. – is publicly viewable via the blockchain.

The main goal of any performance marketing (CPA) platform is to create a stream of incoming requests from potential customers. Here’s how Bitcomo aims to create that stream:

  • Bitcomo allows any advertiser, including ICO and pre-ICO companies, to become part of its pay per action model
  • Let’s say an advertiser wants to promote their products using the Bitcomo affiliate network; that advertiser can perform product integration simply by providing the link with a postback script
  • The target actions (the “A” in CPA) could include product purchases, website registrations, and other variables
  • Bitcomo guarantees the integrity and transparency of all transactions performed on the network, allowing anyone to verify that an action – and the corresponding payment – has taken place

Overall, using blockchain allows Bitcomo to simplify much of its administrative work and to dramatically reduce its associated costs thanks to smart contracts. This allows Bitcomo to automate the entire process, enabling participants to analyze their leads. All data pertaining to leads is kept in the blockchain’s nodes, and any advertiser who sets up a node can mine transactions in real time and track them.

Bitcomo also has a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)-style structure. The whole exchange functions as a DAO, where users can track every click and every action on the platform.

Bitcomo Features and Benefits

Bitcomo advertises the following features and benefits for the three parties involved in CPA advertising:


Advertisers pay a small commission per lead provided (5% commission). The advertiser doesn’t lose money on transactions and conversions, but they remain safe from any fraudulent activity.


The webmaster pays a small commission per lead provided (5% commission). The webmaster avoids losing money on transactions and conversions while staying safe from fraudulent activity.

CPA Network:

Bitcomo’s CPA network enjoys protection from traffic loss and hacking from malevolent entities. Fraud perpetrated by both advertisers and webmasters is eliminated. There’s no need to maintain a large pool of managers, and all payments to webmasters are made automatically.

Basically, Bitcomo envisions a decentralized, secure platform that replaces the functions of a traditional CPA network.

How Does the Bitcomo Token Work?

Bitcomo lists its token under the symbol BM. It’s a utility token used for all transactions on the Bitcomo platform. Advertisers pay for leans via BM tokens, for example, and payout affiliates with BM tokens. Bitcomo’s platform doesn’t accept any other currency.

There’s a total supply of 150 million BM tokens. 72% of those tokens (122.4 million) are being distributed via a token sale. The remaining tokens are distributed via a bounty and bonus program (8%), to advisors (9%), and to the team (11%).

The BM token can be converted into different currencies. Bitcomo wants to create a token that can easily be traded on multiple exchanges.

As Bitcomo’s platform grows, the value of its token is expected to rise. Advertisers purchase BM tokens to pay for leads inside the Bitcomo platform. The larger the turnover, the more tokens will be in the hands of advertisers and affiliates. Investors and webmasters will keep tokens as an investment.

A pre-ICO for Bitcomo tokens (BM) ran from October to December 2017, with a general ICO running from January 16 to February 16, 2018.

Who’s Behind Bitcomo?

The team behind Bitcomo was first formed in Q4 2016 / Q1 2017. Key members of the team include Ivan Karadzhov (Co-Founder of Bitcomo and CEO of AdPop). Other key members of the team include Alex Grus (CMO),

Bitcomo BM ICO Conclusion

Bitcomo aims to disrupt today’s cost per action (CPA) model using blockchain technology and smart contracts. The ICO for Bitcomo tokens (BM) is underway throughout January and February 2018.

To learn more about Bitcomo and the platform, visit online at

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