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Blockchain technology has a wide range of applications that aren’t limited to simple cryptocurrencies. While cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are by far the most visible and sensational application of blockchain technology, there are a number of other features that the latest generation of blockchain solutions offer that can disrupt a wide variety of different industries.

One of the most widely used blockchain networks today is the Ethereum network, which facilitates the creation of “smart contracts” that are executed in the form of code. These smart contracts are able to create the opportunity for trustless agreements between two parties without the need for third parties, bringing decentralization to a wide range of different industries.

One industry that could greatly benefit from the applications of smart contract is the lead generation and affiliate marketing industry. Affiliate marketers and advertisers are separated by several layers of intermediary parties that shave away profits, increasing costs and making affiliate marketing more expensive.

A new blockchain based platform, however, aims to revolutionize the way advertisers and affiliates interact, streamlining the lead generation industry by using blockchain-based smart contracts that enhance transparency and efficiency as well as lowering overall advertising costs.

The BITCOMO platform is an affiliate network for smart contact projects and ICOs, and is set to revolutionize the way advertising works in these industries. In this article, we’ll take a look at the BITCOMO platform and learn more about what the platform aims to achieve with their impending ICO to help you determine whether it’s worth participating in.

What Is Bitcomo?

BITCOMO is presented as a new level of performance marketing based on the blockchain. The BITCOMO platform aims to improve the efficiency of lead generation by creating a decentralized blockchain ecosystem. By facilitating transfers between developers, and provides a new unit of exchange that allows publishers, advertisers, and users to interact directly with each other.

The BITCOMO platform partners with MetaHash, who log clicks and leads in the blockchain up to 500,000 QPS in transactions. The BITCOMO platform is driven by co-founder Ivan Karadzhov, the founder of AdPop, and Nick Evdokimov, the CEO of and

By focusing on performance-based digital marketing, the BITCOMO solution assists top advertisers in generating more leads while at the same time providing greater amounts of revenue for publishers. The blockchain-based nature of the BITCOMO solution makes the CPA model more transparent, traceable, and efficient, and functions as a powerful and elegant anti-fraud solution.

The Bitcomo ICO

The BITCOMO ICO will provide investors with the opportunity to purchase Bitcomo Marketing Tokens, or BM. 13,600,000 BM will be release, of which a massive 72% will be available during the token sale. A further 8% will be reserved for a bounty and bonus program, while advisers will be provided in 9% and the team will be provided with 11%.

BM will be available on a range of exchanges, with BITCOMO stating that they are currently planning on making them available on Bittrex, Coinone and Huobi.

Bitcomo Conclusion

The BITCOMO platform is an innovative approach to streamlining the affiliate marketing ecosystem and is set to revolutionize the way marketers interact with publishers. If you’re an affiliate marketer or frequently engage CPA based marketing, the BITCOMO platform is definitely worth investing in.

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  1. The idea, in general, could be very useful for advertisers, because it would be very easy to them to see the result by using smartcontract.

  2. We have a lot of CPA systems nowadays. But Bitcomo proposes new solutions. For blockchain it’s new type – tracechain. For marketing – relationships between advertisers and publishers without intermediaries. Also, BM solved the problem with speed of transactions. And that’s not all. But enough for have their own place.

  3. There were several attempts of doing the same thing but they were all in vain. It’s important that BM will solve al the main problems of CPA! So, I’d like to see this project succeed.

  4. I think Bitcomo is the first project to fulfill the idea of blockchain CPA.
    No drawbacks spotted. I’m gonna join. Don’t want to let the opportunity slip

  5. Bittrex, Coinone and Huobi? Guys very ambitious. Not all ICO reach it. But I think that Bitcomo has advantages, like a smart-contacts

  6. A new type of business… I think that it has many advantages, first of all, due to using blockchain, which will make any transaction clear. So, this team created such a promising project. Also, I joined their bounty.


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