Bitcon Crypto Card Game: Fast Paced Bitcoin Investing Strategy Game?

A new Bitcoin themed card game has been introduced on Kickstarter. Called “Bitcon”, the concept of this game is to let individuals experience the thrill of investing in cryptocurrencies for fun. Bitcon is based on strategy and market fluctuations which can lead players to win big or lose all their money.

This game is a glimpse into the real world of digital assets and showcases how easy it can be to both lose or get a large capital. Before Bitcon, there has been another blockchain inspired card game on kickstarter that was announced last year on Bitcoin Empire.

That specific game even included a Pepe the frog card which is a feature targeting a specific demographic on the internet. However, the Kickstarter campaign wasn’t successful and the project had to be cancelled.

How Does Bitcon The Card Game Work?

Bitcon was created by two cryptocurrency investors, Brandon and Sam, that call themselves “The Stupid Investors”. The idea for this game came from the fact that both men were tired of hearing absurd stories about individuals selling their house or using loans to do dive in the world of digital assets.

“If you like fast-paced strategy games, laugh at people that sold their house to buy bitcoin, or simply want to show grandma how to lose all your cash online” – The stupid investors

This tabletop card game is simple to play, each player gets a set of five cards. Then, one after the other, they draw cards that will indicate whether the market is collapsing, going up or down. Additionally, there are actions cards that can significantly change the outcome of the game.

  • “Reverse The Market” is a card that alters the market trend’s current direction.
  • “Cash Out” makes the player who draw it cash out and force the next person to take the card that is left.
  • “Pop” cards are three specific cards found in each deck of Bitcon.They are warnings of an imminent market collapse and are there to influence player to be more strategic because once the last “Pop” card has been drawn, it’s the end of the game because the bitcoin market crashes completely.

    Bitcon has become a fun simulation game to introduce individuals to the real-life risks and advantages of cryptocurrency investments.

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