As the world moves into an era of cryptocurrencies, it seems like there are new alt-coins being released to the public on a near daily basis. BitConcent is one such cryptocurrency that is designed using a model that is quite similar to that of Bitcoin. It makes use of a decentralized financial system that is not dependent on any one single server, and as a result of this, no single person/ company can ever have central authority over the platform.

More About The Bitconcent Platform


Since BitConcent is based entirely within the blockchain, its working is not limited to one central device, but is rather spread across thousands of computers within the blockchain network.


All of the monetary transfers take place within a matter of seconds.


Through the use of a peer-to-peer network, BitConcent is able to govern itself in a completely secure and automated fashion.

User Privacy:

All of the transactions that are performed within the BitConcent network are done so in a completely private and discreet manner. For added privacy, the system makes use of an encryption tool that hides the address of the sender in case he/she does not want to disclose it. However, with that being said, all transactions are recorded and can be monitored by relevant parties in case there is any dispute regarding payments.

Other Important Aspects Of This Cryptocurrency Coin

Not Owned By Anyone:

As mentioned previously, BitConcent makes use of a highly specialised Blockchain database that is not controlled by any one single party. As a result of this, all transactions executed internally are highly secure, and are free from any involvement of third party hackers or miscreants.

Inflation Proof:

Through the use of a “limited supply” model, BitConcent will be immune to price surges and problems related to currency inflation. In all, there will be a total supply of 28 million coins that will be created. ,

Easy Payments:

Similar to Bitcoin, native BitConcent tokens can be sent and received from any part of the globe within a matter of seconds. All of these transfers can be done via phone, tablet, laptop as well as a desktop computer.

Low Processing Fee:

No matter the volume of tokens being exchanged/ transferred, users don't have to pay large transaction fees like the ones usually charged by banks and other financial institutions.

Bitconcent BTCC ICO Token Details

As mentioned earlier, all of the transactions that take place within the BitConcent ecosystem will be done via the use of a native token called BTCC. It will be ERC20 compliant, and will make use of the ethereum blockchain.

In all, there will be a total of 28,000,000 BTCC that will be created. In terms of purchasing options, customers can procure BTCC via the use of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Revenue Allocation Scheme

  • 30% of the raised funds will be set aside for use by investors.
  • Another 30% will be used for further platform development.
  • 20% will be used for advertising and marketing purposes.
  • The remaining 20% of the tokens will be used for maintenance of the BitConcent system.

For any further queries regarding this platform, users can get in touch with company representatives via email.

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