US Authorities Ask India To Seize Bitconnect Crypto Ponzi Promoter’s Property

US Law enforcers seem to be bent on cracking down on BitConnect. In recent development, Crypto Clover, one of BitConnect’s top promoters claims to have been detained, threatened and interrogated by the FBI.

Crypto Clover, whos real name is Calen Powell refers to himself as a “crypto nomad”, having sold most of his assets in the US earlier this year. Powell travels across South East Asia, however he still returns to Seattle, Washington from time to time.

His latest home caught the attention of the FBI, suggesting there might be a federal BitConnect “person of interest” watchlist.

Powell suggests his past might serve as leverage for the FBI in their investigation.

“I do have a legal past… so they know about that.

The FBI… the ability for them… the information they have access to and the things that they can get from me…

They just have a lot of information that they can pull on me. They know about my history, my past already… if they’ve done their due-diligence.”

Although Powell never elaborated on his past, He confirmed that as of yet he hasn’t been contacted by the SEC.

He even clarified that the FBI seized all the cash and electronic devices he attempted to enter the US with.

“So I’m gonna be talking with the FBI now and dealing with them a little bit. Hopefully they don’t block my passport and not allow me to leave the country. But I tell you what man, when I leave the country I don’t know if I’m coming back for a long, long time.

I think maybe what I want to do is maybe look at like getting a second passport. I know Glenn (Arcaro) did that. Glenn was getting a second, maybe even a third passport – so at least you can travel if you have some sort of restriction on your US passport. So I’d like to do that at some point.”

You can watch the entire video about the Bitconnect investor and promoter talk about being detained, threatened and interrogated by the FBI when he crossed border patrol in customs coming back to America.

Just last week Craig Grant, a prominent BitConnect investor uploaded a YouTube video in which he confirms an SEC investigation into the company is underway. We can be assured that most BitConnect investors will not be having a good night’s sleep over this. Just a few weeks ago we also saw the likes of Youtube added as a defendant to one of the lawsuits in what seems to be nothing but a giant mess as one of cryptocurrencies' biggest dark spots still looms large – even if you are traveling and entering the USA border.

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