BitconnectX BCCX ICO

Are you tired of only investing in Bitcoin? Surely, Bitcoin can bring you an amazing return on investment, but it is always best to have a diverse portfolio to protect yourself from any problem that Bitcoin might have. Because of this, it is our mission to bring the best investments for you to help you decide if you really should invest in them or not.

We review many tools that might help investors and new cryptocurrencies and start-ups on our blog. Today, we are going to review a new cryptocurrency created by a start-up company called Bitconnectx.

What is Bitconnectx?

Bitconnectx believes that cryptocurrencies are the future of the financial market and that might change the world just like the internet did. Because of this, the company created an open source and decentralized cryptocurrency using blockchain technology to become part of the future.

One of the objectives of the company is to have a good transactions speed (which is said to be less than 2 minutes) and smaller fees than the concurrence. This will enable its users to pay for things fast on the internet and to help this cryptocurrency get more popular and attractive for customers.

How Does Bitconnectx Work?

Bitconnectx will use its own blockchain, which will be Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work based. This means that it will be possible to mine coins at your own home. This is said to be a good system by the company because it enables both popular forms of making money with cryptocurrency: mining and staking.

The company is also compromised in keeping its transactions fees low and fast. The cryptocurrency was also developed to meet the normal requirements of merchants and popular payment processors.

To use this cryptocurrency, you have to download the specific wallet.

How to Invest in Bitconnectx?

To invest in this company, you will need to buy BCCX tokens from it. You will be able to do that during the Initial Coin Investment (ICO). Every unit of BCCX will have a cost of $50 USD. The BitconnectX BCCX ICO will have a total of 3 rounds. You can check the prices below:

  • Round 1: January 10 to 24 (5% bonus);
  • Round 2: January 25 to February 8 (2% bonus);
  • Round 3: February 9 to 23 (no bonus).

The BitconnectX BCCX ICO Verdict

Is this company a great investment for you? Maybe, but probably not. You know why? Because it really lacks some distinctive features that just might make it more interesting. Besides from some technological reasons, there is not much difference between using Bitconnectx, Bitcoin or Litecoin, for instance.

Because of this, Bitconnectx ends up being a poor investment of your money and your time. There are so many Bitcoin copies out there and, unfortunately, this might just be one more of them. You should look for another investment instead if you want to receive a great return on investment (or just keep to Bitcoin).

If you still want to invest in this cryptocurrency, go for it, it is not necessarily a bad investment per se, but you can find many other interesting investments on our blog if you browse it. You might just find the perfect investment for you, so give it a try.


  1. Just google BitConnect these people ruined thousands of families and lives. They stole millions, they just up and quit the lending plat form broke every single contract they had and took our money.

    • Bro because the government stepped in with the letter… oh let me just go to prison real quick or stop what I’m doing and make it right stop the lending give coins back @ a price and hope everyone not panic sell… oh wait nobody would listen to a dev that never showed his face because they don’t know the risk of being a dev of a decentralized currency gtfo dude you got in when bitcoin was at 20k

  2. They can’t ruin lives. If someone stakes all of their money on a crypto, that is their problem. Is BCC a scam? No. The media told you that is a scam, and the investors ruined the price because of panic selling.

    Cryptos about trust. If there is no trust, there is no value. The crypto world is fraglie, easy to mix up the things with fake (or real) news.

  3. I am in the 1% who believes bccx with the following option.

    They had enough money to escape from bcc then Why they came back with the same name as bccx ??
    Why they made the restrictions as 100bccx each one ??
    They had not came with any mind cheating offers ??
    I had bcc and I moved to bccx and believes it will return my money 😢😢😢👍


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