You will no doubt remember Farmville, the Facebook game where you spend money and time tending to crop for nothing in return. Bitcorns introduces a new twist to this old game. You will be able to grow digital currency tokens instead of crops. This is the whole idea behind Bitcorns. It is simply new kind of digital token, which wants to carve out a niche in the odd end of the cryptocurrency sector.

How Bitcorns Will Work

When you purchase CROPS, your BTC address becomes a farm. You can then be able to purchase BITCORN, another in-game token. Unlike the CROPS coins, BITCORN can only be harvested on the farms. The whitepaper clearly states that for now, there is no promise of guarantee that these in-game coins can have any use outside the game.

In total, the creators of the project plan to come up with 100 CROPS tokens. These crops will each be divisible into 100 million units. In the crowdsale, 92 tokens will be offered. Five will go to the developers while the remaining three tokens will be airdropped into the games to support this ecosystem.

Bitcorns Crypto Farms, Crops & Tokens Game Play

All the details about this game are interesting, but it will all come to naught if the game is not fun. For now, you can access an alpha version of the game on their site. However, they say they will soon release the beta version. The farm's catalog is notably similar to that of RarePepe. In other words, it will be cool for the players but bewildering to newcomers. If the game proves to be popular enough, the developers may add more features to it in future. This is because the primary aim of this game is to have everyone on board.

The farms also have the aim of having actual real-world value eventually. Players will be able to join up together and form a collective farm. With these farms, they will be able to grow the total value and the chances of them winning. The aim of the game, when four years end is to present a bragging rights trophy to the winner. This will be presented in the form of a cryptographic asset that will be called BRAGGING.

Right now, it is not clear how much the BRAGGING will be worth. It could be worth millions, or it could potentially be worth nothing. However, if all the predictions are correct, the price of cryptocurrency could continue to grow in price. By 2022, it could be worth millions and whoever wins it could be an overnight millionaire.

Even if it turns out not to be worth much, it is still worth the effort compared to Farmville. This is because it actually has a purpose, unlike Farmville where all you did was spending money and grow virtual crops for a bit of fun. Right now, it is quite doubtful that anyone still plays the game, as it seems to make little sense in retrospect.

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