What Is Bitcove? is a bitcoin exchange platform based in Ireland. The platform aims at simplifying cryptocurrencies and making them more convenient while at the same time retaining their value. Additionally, the exchange seeks to increase the accessibility of bitcoin and their applicability in everyday transactions and within money transfer systems.

James and Peter Nagle, who are brothers and tech enthusiasts, founded the exchange. They are also recipients of various awards such as Bank of Ireland/Ignite Business of the Year Award' and ‘Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur Award.

How Bitcove Bitcoin Exchange & Crypto Trading Platform Works

The exchange enables users to trade bitcoin without any complexities and securely in real time. Users will also be able to exchange bitcoin to Euro or Euro to vice versa. Apart from bitcoin, users can purchase other cryptocurrencies on the platform such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, and Monero. Plans are underway to offer additional cryptocurrencies in the future.

The beneficiaries of the platform range from financial investors, bitcoin miners, and merchants to those who use bitcoin as a payment method for goods and services or those who use it for international remittances.

The platform integrates with local payment mechanisms or the local banking network, which results in the creation of a system that merges the desirable features of the current financial institutions and the bitcoin network. In turn, the system ensures the completion of transactions almost instantly.

The founders of seek to expand the exchange platform to other countries in Europe and third world countries. Similar to what it has done in Ireland, it will integrate its systems with those of local payment networks of those countries to enable real time conversion of bitcoin and other compatible cryptocurrencies.

After the systems integration, will introduce a payment or money transfer network within those countries. The network will utilize bitcoin as the accepted payment method for services within the network. The main advantage of the network will the reduced transaction costs especially in countries that are still developing.

Bitcove Benefits

Comprehensive User Interface

In most cases, the inaccessible nature of bitcoin hinders users from benefiting from its numerous advantages. solves this problem through its interface that does not require users to have any prior knowledge or expertise in cryptocurrencies in order to buy or sell bitcoin. The website is also informative, therefore allowing users to understand the services offered by It explains how it works, and offers additional information regarding bitcoin.

24-Hour Transaction Service

To prevent users from risks caused by the volatile nature of the digital market, has minimum waiting times. Therefore, users can receive their bitcoin immediately after purchasing them without any unnecessary delays.

The faster transactions are attributed to the fact the platform uses locally based payment options compared to other platforms that rely on SEPA payments or wire transfers, which take averagely three business days.

Supportive Team

The team is supportive of the bitcoin community and provides guidance to merchants who might want to implement bitcoin as a payment method in their businesses. The team is also readily available to discuss bitcoin related issues in bitcoin seminars or groups.

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