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Today we are going to review a new company which has appeared on the market called BitCruiser, whose object is to help new sustainable environmental projects to come to life.

What Is BitCruiser?

Bit Cruiser Limited is an international extension of a successful family business that has been rendering crypto-mining, exchange and asset management services to the local community since 2013.The idea is to provide people with a platform that they can use to help these companies and earn a great return on investment while helping the world.

How does BitCruiser work?

Until some time ago, only big companies had the opportunity to invest in companies using this system to help companies which were worried about their effect on the environment. Investors funds are added to the company trading pool to be spread between traders

Seeing as many companies struggle to find funding and how the blockchain technology can be used to solve this issue, the creators of BitCruiser decided to create this platform for people to support companies that are helping the environment at the same time that they are getting a good share of profit by doing so and creating a market in which everyone wins.

This project intends to popularize and to democratize the investments made for companies which are concerned with the world. Using the service, you will be able to invest in biodiversity conservation and in the future of the world.

How to invest in BitCruiser?

At the moment, the company did not announce the date of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Our information leads us to believe that there is going to be an ICO soon (or at least during 2018) but there is no information about its date until the current moment.

There is also no information about the value of the tokens or anything of the sort. If we know of updates, you can be completely sure that we will update our readers about this company, so keep reading our blog.

The BitCruiser Verdict

Is this company a good investment choice? Yes, BitCruiser seems like it could be a good investment choice and, more than, a good platform for you to make investments. It is still too early to say if buying the tokens of this company is a great idea because we do not have almost any information about it, but the most interesting aspect of this company is the platform.

If the information is actually right and the plans of this company are realized, then you will be able to invest in many interesting companies using the platform, which is a great idea if you are concerned about the environment and you only want to invest in companies which are also interested in keeping the environment safe and maintaining a sustainable business model for their companies.

Because of this, feel free to invest in BitCruiser as soon as you have more information about how the ICO of this company will be. There is a good chance that you will be helping the world and making a good investment if you use this platform to invest in companies which are interested in making money in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.


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