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Is Bitdax Global another cryptocurrency MLM scam?

Bitdax Global is a UK-based company that provides an online investment program that allows individuals to invest in cryptocurrencies and get high returns as an outcome. On top of that, the platform also enables users to earn money from referring other potential investors who want to include cryptocurrency in their portfolios.

However, the Fintech institution's primary goal is to offer the AI trading strategies, cryptocurrency trading and ICO investing through significant exchanges. The site discloses that investors will get to use the trading algorithm to make a profit in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Bitdax Global's products

Overall Bitdax Global has no real product, and the project mainly dwells on their affiliate marketing and investment plans as the core of the concept. Here what they are offering

Compensation plan

Affiliates will need to invest $50worth of cryptocurrency in order to become eligible for the weekly ROI of 5% for 200 days. Using the Bitdax Global token, the affiliates investment criteria will be as follows

  • Regular affiliate – $50 a day
  • Bit Bronze Leader – $100 a day
  • Bit Gold Leader – $200 a day
  • Bit Diamond – $750 a day
  • Bitcoin Leader and higher – no limit

Affiliate ranking

  • Bit Bronze leader- invest 2000 tokens, at least ten affiliates members and a downline investment of 10,000 tokens
  • Bit Gold Leader- spend 5,000 tokens and personally recruit twenty affiliates. A downline venture of 20,000 tokens is also necessary
  • Bit Diamond Leader- will require 10,000 tokens, a total of 35 subsidiaries and 60,000 tokens as downline investment
  • Bitcoin Leader- carries a limit of 20,000 tokens and fifty members to qualify. A minimum of 200,000 bonus tokens is also a requirement
  • Bit President- to achieve this phase users will need to have a minimum of 100,000 tokens and at least 1,000,000 bonus tokens. Personally, you will need to recruit one hundred affiliates

Group mining pool

Bitdax Global affiliates who successfully invest 5000 or more tokens get a monthly share from the Global Mining Pool. The pool is made up of 5% of the company's total global revenue.

Apparent business opportunities

  • For business traders

Cryptocurrency traders should expect a weekly return rate of 5-7% with the profits accrued from Monday to Friday. Additionally, you can earn daily returns of 1%

  • For business builder

For business promoters looking for a unique and revolutionary platform, Bitdax Global offers 100% matching rewards with additional commissions and bonuses to grow your business. The Global Bitcoin Mining Pool Share also provides a residual income option

  • Rewards and incentives

Bitdax intends to appreciate the efforts of the members through incentives such as financing options among other incentive plans

Proof that Bitdax Global may be a scam

Bitdax Global only offers a lot of promises which lacks the necessary foundation. Overall, the concept is somewhat nonsensical and bears lots of claims.

Here's why we think that:

  • Bitdax Global is not transparent with the owners and the apparent AI algorithm or trading strategies remaining anonymous.
  • The site focuses on only gaining subscribers through its MLM-based structure. This points to a straight scam which only works to achieve more investment.
  • The alleged returns are also not valid since the cryptocurrency market cannot sustain such outcomes for investors.
  • Relying on affiliate recruitment is not a reliable strategy since it can decline and starve the Bitdax Global platform of ROI revenue.

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  1. This review is a better review than most of the other reviews online because most facts about the company are represented online. Which is actually credible reviewing.

    And therefore it is very notable that this review is the ONLY review that states that BitDax Global *MAY BE* a scam stating its own reasons(mostly related to the fact that it includes network marketing and multiple level of advancement). As far as transparency goes, i encourage you to join the telegram platform or any of the whatsapp pages for more details. You’ll notice that this company actually displays more info about their plan of action and services than any other.
    Furthermore the dashboard components of every investor displays daily earnings and daily inclusions which is very transparent for most of us involved with the company.

    One has to note that every company spends thousands of dollars in advertising every year including billboards and adverts (which are general and do not guarantee new clients). Referral based marketing on the other had assures companies of new clients every time in exchange for clients(which is a guaranteed source of new clients – better than bill board advertisements)…
    Hence concerns about the company being multi levelled is flawed. Pyramids in bitdax do not extend beyond the 4th generation, percentages vary and also earnings on referrals are paid in TINY bits daily for 10 months.

    In concluding, I will say the facts about forex markets currently, cryptomarkets and AI trading should be examined again and a new review generated. Its better to conclude on a company when you have all the facts, study it with an opened mind and no bias before making conclusions.

    I must state though that this review supercedes all previous reviews ive read so far, although more research is required. Kudos to you and your team

  2. I side with you John. The only regret I have is that it took me much longer to subscribe to BitDax due to the many scandalous reviews about it. But since I joined in and began making loads of money and seeing the many wrong things said about it wasn’t true, I only bite my tongue in agony that I hadn’t started earlier.
    How about any of these reviewers took a real risk to try it, then they’d have a first hand experience.
    It’s Totally Legit.

  3. I just read through this article Again. I realise that this article is correct in saying the returns promised cannot be sustained based on the cryptocurrency markets. That is very true and should not be ignored at all…

    But BiTDAX Global Trading does not do solely crypto trading but also FOREX TRADING. It’s a 2 in 1 thing. Unless the author will be able to conclusively state that forex trading cannot sustain the return rates (which will be a lie), I BELIEVE EVEN THE AUTHOR WILL AGREE WITH ME IN SAYING BITDAX GLOBAL TRADING IS LEGIT!


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