The evolution of cryptocurrency seems like a roller coaster with endless options regarding blockchain infrastructure, applications, and protocol innovation. One such cryptocurrency witnessing a lot of infrastructure growth is Bitcoin Cash.

While it may seem that the bearish market is an indication of low interest, in general, plenty is happening in the background concerning applications and innovations. The BitDB Network is an example of a BCH proponent focusing towards the spread and adoption of blockchain infrastructure. Here's how the new development is looking to back up their passion by unleashing their global database.

Understanding BitDB is a global database made up of Bitcoin OP_Returns that allows anyone to build decentralized applications using a protocol with zero infrastructure and zero servers. The project operates as an autonomous public MongoDB which self-updates by indexing and crawling the Bitcoin OP_RETURN transactions. These transactions can each include up to 220 bytes of arbitrary data from the users.

The Functionality Of The Database

The works under Bitcoin with the chain acting as canonical storage among other benefits of Bitcoin.  There is also the fact that Bitdb.entwork is powered by the MongoDB database as an index to enable it to incorporate the benefits of NoSQL databases, including the unlimited insertion of unstructured data, high flexibility, and portable query interface.

Technically, BitDB will work on any blockchains similar to that of Bitcoin's and be supporting the OP_RETURN protocol. The network can also function as a sidechain although the current implementation of BitDB operates using the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

bitdb homepage

Apparent Features With The BitDB Network

BitDB seeks to scale along with Bitcoin and solve problems beyond decentralized consensus for the blockchains. Here's how

Simplicity: BitDB lacks too much technicality with most of the setup process not becoming complicated to allow for easier and faster database establishment.

Use Of Powerful Queries: One can also use BitDB as a storage element for any unstructured data to query them later in a desirable manner.

Unlimited Existence: BitDB uses the MongoDB protocol instead of the relational database which operates a rigid schema. With the schema-less approach, users can insert data into the database without worrying about its existence.

Protocol Independence: You will no longer need to build your infrastructure as BitDB indexes everything enabling one to create the OP_RETURN protocol.

Trustable: The core of BitDB seeks to explore trust and verify approach with each document receiving a hash code of Bitcoin transaction to validate its authenticity on the nodes

Freedom From Censorships: With the canonical data stored on the Bitcoin blockchain, there is no possibility of any other entity censoring what’s stored on the blockchain-based database

How Using Bitcoin Cash Benefits The BitDB Network

Higher Throughput: BCH's block size makes it ideal for data storage, and optimization compared to BTC's chain size

Larger File Size: BCH also has 220 bytes of OP_RETURN limit which fits more data compared to BTC's 80 bytes

Deterministic Transaction Fees: The transaction fees within BCH is deterministic in comparison to Bitcoin's fee structure, which is pre-determined within.

Is BitDB Network Any Different?

BitDB is another excellent development revealing the capability of blockchain as a trustless database. Overall, the most exciting batch is mostly developers who may explore the power that trustless database brings to blockchain innovation.

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