BitDeer Computing Power Sharing Platform Partners With Crypto Miners And AntPool

BitDeer went ahead to announce its official launch as being the world-class power-sharing platform together with having a strategic partnership with AntPool and They have partnered with platforms that have been considered to be the world’s largest crypto coin mining pools.

The BitDeer platform has been designed in a manner that it allows the various users the ability to mine and also use other proof of work protocols. All this is being achieved without having any challenges when running a crypto mining operation. As a result, the platform has been able to encourage aspiring miners the ability to dive into the industry and is able to provide a white glove service that is able to solve various factors.

This is from the complexities of purchasing, hosting and installing the needed machines, this is achieved by providing the hardware miners that are professionally managed that have been made available in the leading server colocation centers found in the world.

The platform has big plans for its users

The mission for the platform is to ensure they provide a reliable, convenient, transparent together with a first-class power-sharing computing service to the users that are around the world. They have gone ahead to design some small computing plans that are starting at less than $10 having durations that are shorter than 30 days, just to ensure they have provided a flexible service term that is being offered at competitive prices.

The company is extremely excited with the new strategic partnership they have gotten into with together with AntPool. A partnership that will enable the users to receive stable together with a professional mining pool, one that will be able to support the platform effectively without compromising the user’s needs, this is according to the CEO of BitDeer, Celine Lu.

The platform will now be directly connected to the largest mining pools that are in the market; thus the individual miners will be able to monitor the process of mining their coins plus their revenues in an easy way.

With the recent market correction that has taken place with Bitcoin, it has led the market to witness the second highest drop in the difficulty that is involved in the mining of bitcoin. According to the, it is a 15% to 13% adjustment that took place. What this simply means is that the opportunity to successfully mine some Bitcoin has just increased as most of the week hands have left the market.

Thus, having professional platforms like BitDeer, they are able to mine the coins due to the lower energy cost and economies of scale they are able to enjoy.

Bitcoin mining is still something to be a part of

According to Zhong Zhuang, who is the CEO of he firmly believes that Bitcoin mining is still going to be an active endeavor in the market, this is for both the major players within the market together with the individuals. For the primary players, they will be able to continue building their competitive edge; this is by ensuring that they are running large pools.

As for the individual miners, they will be able to benefit from this big pie; this is by joining the best computing power-sharing platforms that have established themselves in the market. As a result, greatly values the partnership they have gotten into with BitDeer, as a result, they are looking forward to reaching more individual miners in the market.

A Little About BitDeer

The company has been considered to be a leading computing power-sharing platform in the world, a platform that has been able to enable users to efficiently mine the crypto coins in a convenient, reliable and transparent manner. It has been able to save users in using the complicated process in the installing, purchasing or even hosting the needed machines for mining.

Thus, with the platform individual miners are able to enjoy the best service available in the market with just one click.

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