BiteBTC is a platform for exchanging cryptocurrency that aims at uniting the major players of the market. The platform supports working together with most popular cryptocurrencies in the world and ensures profits are realized from transactions involving electronic money. The platform has trading volume of about three million dollars daily and is on the rise.

What Is BiteBTC?

BiteBTC is a legit platform and its trade in cryptocurrency is accepted by the law of almost every country worldwide. The account created by users on the BiteBTC website is legal. The personal information of those owning electronic wallets is completely protected since cryptocurrencies do not retain them.

How BiteBTC Digital Currency Exchange For Trading Crypto Works

BiteBTC uses Encryption cryptographic algorithms, which makes accessibility to third party's electronic wallets impossible and forging of electronic accounts hard. The currencies used in the exchange are completely anonymous and highly protected. The personal wallets are at the disposal of users and they should take measures to protect them at their own will.

To participate in the exchange on the platform, users choose the needed cryptocurrency from the table of cryptocurrencies that are active at the moment by clicking “+” in the purses column. The platform then provides the user with an address that is to be used for depositing funds during the transfer. After a successful completion of the transaction, users will get access to every menu and functions of the platform that are needed to finish transactions and make profits thereafter.

BiteBTC Deposit And Withdrawal Process

The deposit and withdrawal of coins and tokens begin in a similar way that the application of the user is created. Users can withdraw funds on the purses page by clicking (-) in the table available next to the cryptocurrency that is required, in which the system specifies the address for the withdrawal. The amount is then sent to the wallet of the user.

Crypto transfers take up to 24 hours to be facilitated. Delays can also be experienced due to special characteristics of the behavior of transactions in cryptocurrency networks. BiteBTC accepts SWIFT Bank Wire Transfers done in USD or Euros. Payments in Visa or MasterCard are not currently accepted by the platform. BiteBTC does exchange transactions in which a commission is charged for each transaction that users make. The amount of commission charged varies and depends on which type of currency is being used for the exchange. The amount however is less than 0.2% of the amount of the transaction.

BiteBTC Benefits

SWIFT Wire Transfers Worldwide

The platform supports transfers and exchanges done in SWIFT Bank Wire Transfers that can be done by anyone in the entire world and be able to gain profits while at it.

Compliance With KYC Requirements

BiteBTC adheres to Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations for a stated state. Users give every essential information that is needed for verification and approval on the platform hence its legality.

Uses API For Automated Trading

Users also use an API (Application Programming Interface) that has a secret key and uses a digital signature when making transactions. This makes every transaction to be highly secure.

Powerful Trader Desk

The platform comes as a very powerful trader desk in which almost every cryptocurrency exchange can be done easily and with minimum requirements.

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  1. Bitebtc is a scam. Stay away people. When you withdraw your funds they will say they are verifying your account although your your account is Kyc verified. But when you try to deposit funds they quickly verify your bank accounts. After confronting them about their lies. They will not answer. Until now my funds are stuck with them. I dont think i can ever get it back. One more thing, they said dont allow withdrawal of USD that are less than 1,000 USD. So just imagine how many people they scammed with no less than 1,000 USD.


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