What Is BiteCoin Network?

Bitecoin is a large food delivery network that uses blockchain technology. It is the world’s first crypto-backed decentralized food delivery platform. The network allows users to be rewarded with the platforms token Bitecoin after making an order. The users can later sell the coin on exchanges or use them to make more orders on the platform.

BiteCoin Network Blockchain Food Delivery Advantages

The advantages of using blockchain in the food delivery market include:


On-demand food delivery services are a new concept that is preferred by many compared to the counter food services. However, it is not rare to hear complaints that vary from delays in the delivery to misplacement of customer’s food orders. By fully enforcing the delivery of the services through the blockchain with smart contracts, the customer will not have to rely on the traditional trustworthiness of the system. If you do not get your food on time, you get your money back. Further, if you do not get the food you ordered, you get your money back. Everything is instant, and the customer does not have to use other redress channels such as online forums.


Many businesses in the on-demand food delivery industry are not able to make profits on their annual return. A key contributor to this is the inefficient fleet management systems that are available. Most rely on broadcast systems and the use of mobile applications to get to the available driver who can deliver the service. This is an addition to the cost of the business.

The use of blockchain technology will allow for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning concepts. Using trajectory-planning techniques, the system will calculate the optimum possible route to deliver the service quicker. The model predictive control techniques will also assimilate live traffic data. This will allow for increased efficiency in the system.


Using blockchain technology enables anyone anywhere to check the progress, reliability, and integrity of the contract terms and how the terms are enforced on the public blockchain ledger. Thus, if you make your order, you know every detail about the order-what is your food, who the money goes to among other details.

Earning As You Eat

The platform allows customers who order and to earn an equivalent of Bitecoins as the total order value. You earn as you eat. Additionally, you can make your order with your earned Bitecoins. The Bitecoins can also be traded on exchanges with other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.


All the transactions of the platform are implemented using safe internet security protocols. The user’s data and payment data is also respected. The system is secured with a cryptographic-tunneled encryption layer that is on top of the industry SSL/TLS layers of built-in security protocols. The platform uses non-repudiation of origin and destination payment tracks that use one-way encryption that prevents DDoS attacks.

Competitive Advantage

This is the first crypto-backed food delivery network. The platform has the best of both worlds. Customers can easily order food online, and the blockchain technology provides a unique and rewarding experience to users. Customers can also earn rewards as they make their orders using the redefined loyalty program.

BiteCoin Network BITE Token ICO Details

The BiteCoin public pre-sale starts on 04/15/18. You can invest in the BITE token at that time using Ethereum.

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