Biteroi is a private investment firm founded by a few Cryptocurrency traders. It promises best profit rates for money investments, starting with the daily return of three percent on investments in the range of $25-$50000. It’s alluring ROI figures are drawing more attention to it but there is a lot of skepticism about this firm.

The company claims that it is using the benefits deriving from the booming Cryptocurrency market to generate profits for the investors. As per its official website, it is helping users to earn profits from the Cryptocurrency markets by doing all the work for them, they just have to invest money and the company will do the rest. It is trying to build a notion among its audience that says that the customers need not be financial experts to earn profits on the money.

The method of registration is simple, a quick signup and the selection of the plan and you are good to go. As per the procedures of the company, secure withdrawals are successful after the security reviews and at max; this processing takes a maximum of twenty-four hours. Under the affiliate program, users can opt for becoming a participant or a representative. The participants are paid a certain amount upon referrals and the representatives earn through successful promotions of their service.

The overview of the company on its website is quite basic and has no valuable information for a new customer. There is no listing of any of its service or product except its affiliate program that is clearly devised just to have more members. It boasts of Cryptocurrency trading experience of three years but the representation of learning from that experience is rather quirky. As a novice visiting the website, it is the least convincing profile of a Cryptocurrency firm.

The disclaimer on the website clearly enlists the downturns of investing without your capacity and it must be taken as a strict indication of the fact that without one’s own knowledge that is sufficient, no investment is safe.

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