BitEsprit has been envisioned as a one-stop shop for digital currency trading. It comes with built-in trading capability, which facilitates the trading of bitcoin and fiat against fiat. The developers have a vision of eliminating the barriers to entry for altcoin trading. Thus, they will have given all upstarts an equal opportunity to succeed in the crypto world.

The platform will implement fiat-altcoin trading pairs that will give users direct access to a wide array of altcoins, which they can trade. Besides that, their platform will make it much easier to spend the profits that are made in fiat. With this platform, every user will have the opportunity to access the BitEsprit debit card that is linked to the fiat balance of the user. You will not need to go through dozens of sites to acquire what you need. BitEsprit has been designed with all your needs in mind.

The Mission Of BitEsprit

The mission of this platform is to eliminate all the barriers to entry into the altcoin ecosystem. This will be done for both traders and new projects that are seeking to make their mark. At the exchange created by this project, the traders will gain direct access to altcoin. Besides that, altcoin developers will find it easy to be listed. Right now, they have to pay high fees if they want to be listed on an exchange.

This project will give everyone an equal footing to acquire capital and grow. The barriers to entry are many, and they have affected everyone in the crypto world. Besides the exchange, everyone will get access to a platform that offers all relevant services with just a few clicks. No matter the level at which you are, trading on this platform will be possible. It has been created for newbies and experts.

Copy Trading

This feature will allow newbies to copy what the experts are doing. With copy trading, users will be able to set a limit on how much of their funds can be used for copy trading.

About The Platform And ICO

On this platform, the ERC 20 compatible token BEC (BitEsprit) will power the operations. With this token, 50% of the order fees, and 50% of the withdrawal fees can be replaced. Besides that, the team is dedicated to using some of the profits for token burns. All crypto coins will pay listing fees in BEC when they need to hold an ICO. The platform will also hold an ICO to release the BEC tokens. This ICO will have a hard cap of 43,756,410 USD. The main ICO will start on April 27, 2018. Anyone can take place, but he or she will need to make a minimum contribution of 50 USD.

BitEsprit Issues

Some of the problems they intend to solve include unreliable customer support. Right now, most exchanges are notorious for investing almost nothing in customer support. This exchange will ensure that a good chunk of profits goes into training staff on how to handle issues. This way, even newbies can get access to the assistance they need. Even newbies will feel welcome at this exchange.

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