BitEstate Group Limited

Usually, it is not advisable to draw conclusions to from first impressions. However, in the case of BitEstate, the search engine results seem to suggest otherwise. Amongst the indexed pages, most seem to question the credibility of this high yield investment programs. Given the high prevalence of scams in the cloud mining industry in recent times, the skepticism is totally understandable. Want to find out the truth about BitEstate? Read on.

What Is BitEstate Group Limited?

BitEstate is project of the larger BitEstate Group Ltd, a company registered in the United Kingdom. The blockchain-powered platform deals in cryptocurrencies as well as real estate properties. Its core objective is to profitably trade in luxurious properties and digital currencies; both of which are highly lucrative industries.

Fundamentally, the cryptocurrency trade is backed by assets in the real estate sector. Hence, when the value of the digital currencies soars, the projects purchase more properties, growing its physical assets’ base. By joining the platform, users are assured of continuous profits, thanks to smart and well-crafted business strategies. Since users only own a portion of the property, they are entitled to dividends after the end of every trading cycle.

BitEstate Group Limited Bitcoin Real Estate HYIP Features

As mentioned earlier, BitEstate uses BTC to acquire high-end properties and later sells them at a profit. The posh houses are located the cities widely known for their lushness, including Monaco, Dubai, Paris, Hong Kong, Miami, and New York.

To start making profits, registered users deposit funds and choose their desired package. Currently, members can choose from Singapore Tanglin, Miami Beach or Dubai Marina Plans. Alternatively, user can earn as much as 9% commissions from the affiliate program.

BitEstate Group Limited Verdict

BitEstate uses an uncharacteristic approach, making it hard to conclude that it is an outright scam. Nonetheless, it still has some loopholes, which suggest fishy motives. For such an auspicious project, the lack of a whitepaper or even a roadmap is rather strange. Furthermore, the absence of concrete information about the project on the internet also raises eyebrows. Therefore, it is advisable to tread lightly when you come across this website.

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