Bitfair Exchange (XBF Token) Offers Leverage Trading for Crypto Investments

Bitfair Helps Consumers to Participate in Leverage Trading for Crypto Investments

Bitfair is bringing forth a service to consumers that lets them engage in leverage trading. When consumers decide to make an investment, they need to have as much information as possible. They 1make their decisions based on the predictability of the market, and many other investors often follow suit.

However, the issue that remains is that the system does not have very significant changes in stock prices, which means that investors cannot make major profits. Leverage trading allows them to perform these actions, which means that investors can capitalize on the smallest changes with Bitfair.

The whole goal of Bitfair is to introduce a way of trading that gives consumers the best profits possible, but without any major losses. Investors have the opportunity to leverage their positions by 1000x. The use of this type of trading is an investment strategy that is often used on the stock market, but that is adaptable for the crypto world as well. Consumers have to participate in margin trading, which handles part of the cost of the transaction.

During leverage trading, the whole point is for investors to use their own funds in the investment. Essentially, if the investor contributes $20,000 of their own funds into an account that features a leverage of 3 to 1, they can purchase up to $60,000 in stocks on the market. The whole system is about finding the best profit margin, and their platform shows these opportunities in the crypto industry.

Though there are many benefits to leverage trading, there are some major potential risks. Much of the investments are about predictions based on patterns and other details, and one wrong prediction could mean the loss of thousands of dollars. Due to these high risks, there are many investors that would rather only participate in leverage trading with an airtight stop-loss order, which sells the stock if the trade reaches a certain potential loss.

Bitfair’s introduction to the crypto industry breaks down certain limits by:

  • Promoting additional leverage options with a range of digital, fiat, and crypto assets.
  • Introducing negative trades to earn money when profits sink.
  • Establishing smart contract options that enforce certain trading rules, including stop-loss orders

With more opportunities and greater protection, Bitfair makes trading much less risky for consumers. In fact, their thorough research allows their users to have a 1000 to 1 leverage ratio. That provides the opportunity for profit, but without the major risk of loss.

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