The highly volatile cryptocurrency market is currently allowing tens of thousands of individuals around the world to generate a significant amount of income through speculative investments. In order to develop an effective and reliable cryptocurrency investment strategy, however, it’s necessary to spend a large amount of time assessing and analyzing the market, as well as extensively diversifying investments.

Many investors choose to save time in their investment strategy by investing capital in high yield investment programs, which are essentially managed investment funds. The key point of difference between high yield investment programs, or HYIPs, and normal investment programs is that an HYIP platforms typically invest capital into aggressive, speculative ventures in order to generate a large amount of income in a small amount of time.

While HYIPs can be a risky investment, especially at their later stages, they can be a powerful mechanism for generating income if investors are able to get in early and get out quickly.

In this article, we’ll take a look at, a relatively new HYIP platform, and find out what it offers.

What Is About is a new cryptocurrency HYIP that offers investors the option to invest with capital in the form of Bitcoin. offers extremely fast withdrawals, and uses investor capital to invest in both the forex and the cryptocurrency trade markets. Investment Plans offers three different investment plans:

  • The 10% Daily Forever plan, which has a minimum investment of 0.001 BTC and a maximum investment of 10 BTC
  • The 12% Daily Forever plan, which provides a 12% daily return with a minimum investment of 10.001 BTC and a maximum investment of 50 BTC
  • The 15% Daily Forever plan, which generates 15% ROI daily with a minimum investment of 50.001 BTC, and a maximum investment of 300 BTC Verdict

The platform is a relatively recent addition to the roster of Bitcoin based HYIPs, and thus is worth considering by investors interested in capitalizing on early-stage high yield investment programs.

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