With the help of blockchain technology, the creators of this project invested a patented a brilliant method of giving everyone an advantage over hackers. Whether it is your home network or corporate network, the developers of this project claim they can get rid of hackers from these networks.

Zero-day vulnerabilities are merely a flaw, which is unknown. Hackers find this vulnerability and utilize it to hack into systems to steal valuable documents or just to snoop around. It can lead to compliance issues in some cases.

What Is BitFence HNY Token?

The HNY Token has been designed a utility token that will work as a proof-of-threat token. It is a token, which anyone running his or her StingMiner will get in exchange for accessing the digital footprint of the hacker. The developers of this project then collect and correlate the fingerprints and offer 0-day thread feeds or blocking lists for their subscribers. The subscription packages are prices for HNY tokens.

BitFence Blockchain Hacker Threat Intelligence Solution

The solution offered by BitFence is to cut down on the average time needed to detect zero-day malware. Besides that, the developers of this project will proactively deploy a defensive solution to mitigate the threats.

The BitFence solution proactively protects users’ networks before any hacks have occurred. To achieve this, BitFence is comprised of these three parts:

Distributed HoneyPot Installation

BitFence will offer incentives to anyone that runs the BitFence software. Miners will be rewards via the HNY tokens.

Data Gathering

The malicious data that is gathered by miners will be analysed and ranked according to this risk factor. It will be achieved with the help of AI in real-time.

Distributing The Information

Once data has been gathered, the data is fed to all BitFence subscribers. It helps to mitigate similar threats in future.

BitFence Use Cases

Small Company A Scenario

Company A is a small business that makes toys for children. The company runs an e-commerce store hosted in the cloud. Hackers are continually attacking the company's site, e-commerce store and with various servers and database.

Due to these attacks, the customer’s private data and the site uptime is always at risk. To address this issue, BitFence offers a cost-effective solution with minimal costs. The existing solutions are complex and with costs of about $5K every month.

The protection offered by BitFence will block the high threats, malicious payloads and other risky IP address, just a few seconds of being identified. The good thing is that this will all take place at very reasonable prices.

Company B Scenario

Company B has numerous cloud service providers. A consulting company has multiple offices in various places. They also utilize VPN with F5 gateways. The company realizes that their servers are often under attack. They deploy numerous measures, but they may not be entirely effective. For instance, the probability of a hacker using the same IP address and leaving the same footprint is quite low. BitFence will help Company B by giving it access to the zero-day vulnerabilities discovered by BitFence miners.

BitFence HNY Token ICO Details

The pre-ico for the HNY token is live now through 04/30/18. The main-ico starts on 05/01/18 and goes through 07/01/18.

  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Token Minting Model: No pre-mint, minted on purchase, immediate delivery
  • ICO Structure: 30 days pre-sale + 60 days main-sale
  • Accepted Payment Methods: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH
  • Hard Cap: $50,000,000USD
  • Base HNY Price: 1 ETH = 6000 HNY

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