The financial markets are worth trillions of dollars. They also encompass more than just stocks and currencies. There is a whole market of alternative investments worth well over $15 trillion. This money is distributed across more than 10,000 assets, so there are a lot of investment options to choose from. Unfortunately, this market is closed to ordinary investors owing to financial limit barriers.

BitFinance plans to overcome these barriers and take advantage of the opportunities in this market by pooling resources from its investors in its upcoming ICO fundraising.

The BitFinance Plan

Ordinary investors are locked out of the alternatives financial market owing to high minimums – most people cannot raise the money and hence cannot invest. BitFinance will raise enough money and more to meet these minimum requirements and thus give all stakeholders a chance to venture into this lucrative market.

BitFinance will do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to choosing the investment portfolios. However, stakeholders are allowed to allocate how the funds should be distributed among different alternative assets.

BitFinance Investment Wealth Management Process

BitFinance has already chosen MarginHedge as the first portfolio to invest in. The investment process will be simple:


The first thing to do is to finance your account. You can do this by either buying new cryptocurrencies or financing existing ones.


You can choose either or both of the following allocations for your investments: diversified cryptocurrency growth product and/or diversified secure debt alternatives product.


Finally, you can fund your investment to access the portfolios. You can fund using the two major cryptocurrencies – BTC and ETH – or the USD.

Getting Paid

You will earn 50% of the bonus equity accumulated on your investment allocations. You will also get quarterly dividends for your investments.

BitFinance Features And Benefits

BitFinance promises to offer a range of benefits and features that would otherwise be difficult to enjoy:

Easy Access

Only the wealthiest accredited investors get to invest in the alternative assets market. BitFinance is making this possible for you through its fool-proof plan explained above.

Total Control

Shareholders will have the freedom to decide how their funds are invested across diverse alternative assets. There are thousands of alternative assets, most of which are very lucrative.

Security And Surety

BitFinance has developed a stable platform secured by advanced technology cyber-security programs. It is also compliant with regulations and guarantees its clients’ security using two programs: Smart Fund Protocol for transparency and Asset Bridge for stability.

Shareholders can also be confident in their investments as BitFinance has a team of financial and investment experts always managing the portfolios.

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