Bitfinex Adds ADD, ATD, MTO & IQ Support As EOS Airdrop Campaign

In a blog post Bitfinex recently announced the distribution of EOS ADD (ADD), Atidium (ATD), Everipedia (IQ) and MEET.ONE (MTO) as part of the EOS airdrop campaign.

Airdropped tokens have already been distributed to users based on the settled EOS wallet balances as they were on June 2nd 21:59:59 UTC which was the time of the EOS Mainnet Snapshot.

To determine a settled balance, Bitfinex has an enforced methodology, which are as follows:

  • All calculations will use a database snapshot from June 2nd.
  • All net unhedged EOS wallet balances will receive airdrops. For example, if at the instant of the airdrop in June a user had a wallet balance of 5.0 EOS and was short 2.0 EOS/XXX, their net unhedged balance at that moment was 3.0 EOS.
  • Margin longs in EOS/XXX will not receive airdrops.
  • Margin shorts in EOS/XXX will not pay airdrops.
  • EOS lenders will receive airdrops.

The distribution coefficient for MTO, ADD, ATD and IQ are computed to be approximately 1.09. MTO and ADD tokens have been credited on a 2:1 basis while ATD is credited at 1:1(1 ATD for 1 EOS). As of July 7th, withdrawals for MTO, ADD and ATD all have been enabled while the precise IQ airdrop date remains unconfirmed by the Everipedia team.

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