Apparently, this is the second time Bitflash has been up and running. According to research, it’s a known scam site. It’s your typical high yield investment opportunity that has been recreated into a fresh-looking domain. The new domain we’re looking at is Bitflash.Online. The main point of this is to warn you not to send any currency to Bitflash.Online. The rumor is, if you do – you’re going to lose your funds the scam-based investment website. It’s not hard to figure out if you pay attention.

The market is lucrative, so the administrator of the site isn’t giving up anytime soon from the looks of it. And that is why they have closed the old domain down for good, it may have to do that they were busted before as well. It’s only a matter of time before this site is shut down as well as they are the same Ponzi scheme as they were before.

Bitflash does their best to encourage visitors to trust them by giving simple lessons on investing and saving. After the lessons, they go on to explain why a user needs to invest with them into cryptocurrency, and there is also references made to mining as well.

They don’t really give clarity on if they are a mining operation or not. But they do suggest they are, and they also claim to be a legit business as well.

And like usual, there is no inclination as to who they are. There is only a simple email on the website that can be used to contact the shady company. If you ask them questions that point them out as scam artists, they will likely ignore it as they don’t care to discuss their credibility.

And with that, there are also a lot of other red flags that pop-up on the website that we will discuss more fully in the rest of this article.

What Is Bitflash?

At first look, they appear to be a highly-professional financial advisory platform that helps investors learn about saving, investing, and cryptocurrency. But the more you scroll, the easier it is to see they are an ultra-shady high yield investment program that is anything but professional.

Luckily, the veil has already been lifted on these guys, so it shouldn’t be long before the website is down for good. They’ve already been red flagged in the cryptocurrency community and that is why they started this new website.

One of the first red flags is their address. They give a Honk Kong address, but in reality – the address doesn’t actually exist. Basically, they have no physical space in Hong Kong. And giving out fake information is the first inclination that they are scammers.

Why is it a company would hide their identity or location? It’s likely because they are not based out of the area they claim. And that is a lack of transparency and honesty, two aspects of a company that are essential.

The saving and investing training the claim to provide is just a ploy to keep them under the radar. They need to look professional in order to gain visitor trust and not get shut down immediately. But like we said, they have already been shut down in the past under a different domain. The old domain ran the same activities that their new website is trying to.

How Bitflash Bitcoin Trading & Mining Profit Offer Works

There are four different investment packages to choose from. They are called bronze, silver, gold and Bitflash. Each of the four packages has a promised ROI that is absurd. They basically claim that you’ll double your investment within 5-6 days. It sounds good, but it’s completely false made claims. And sine they already have a shady reputation, it’s already obvious how much of a Ponzi they are making claims like this.

All of the plans are ridiculous, claiming that it’s even possible to double your investment in less than 72 hours – only taking as long as 5-6 days for the most part.

It doesn’t take an investment genius to see this is a total lie. It doesn’t matter how someone trades, they can’t guarantee a double in your capital in less than a week. It’s possible, but it’s not realistic to say to everyone that joins, that this will be the way of things 100%. All you need is a little common sense to understand this is a scam.

There really is no trading or mining whatsoever, in fact – if you send hard earned cryptocurrency to these guys, you’re going to lose it.

There are also fake claims from fake owners and users. Both the names and pictures of everyone on the website is fake according to other reviews we’ve looked at. Their apparently simple stock photos, and that goes for the owners and the apparent users.

The anonymity of the admin should be the only red flag you need. They only want your money; this site is basically illegal and won’t be around for long – be careful!

They aren’t licensed or regulated by any government or investment group And, we have no idea what jurisdiction they are operating in or who is running the platform. There are no answers we can give you that can validate the credibility of the Bitflash website.

Information on all this should be easy enough to find out. But unfortunately, it simply doesn’t exist anywhere online.

Bitflash Conclusion

Basically, everything on the website is a lie. It’s a very high-risk investment platform, known for certain to rip off users. The scam is so obvious that it’s hard to miss. It’s up to you to keep your currency safe. If you want to trade cryptocurrency online, this is not the site to do it on. We encourage you to stay away from at all costs! There are much better platforms online, ones that are proven solid and have quality assurance, good reputations, and great teams on board. Just stay away from and find another platform that has already proven to be trustworthy.

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  1. Total scam. They want a 15% “commission” before sending you your amazing payout. In my case $266 went to $81,000 in 4 days :). Only 12K to get the payout.


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