Bitfluence is a company that specializes in trading Bitcoins at the leading global exchanges. It uses the best strategies to provide high liquidity of the invested funds and guarantee stable income for investors.

With many people joining the Blockchain network, more trading platforms continue to emerge. Bitfluence works in a similar way to traditional managed funds except that it utilizes the blockchain technology. Such projects are known as High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs). If you are looking for a way to make additional income on the side, you can join the Bitfluence platform.

Bitfluence Crypto Investing & Trading Services

  • No limits to trading—anyone across the world can participate through their platform
  • Flexible investments—choose your strategy and start receiving your dividends tomorrow
  • Advantageous conditions—they use the money to make a source of long-term profit
  • Reliability—the company has a perfect reputation

Is Bitfluence Paying?

Any crypto program needs some level of patience. For Bitfluence, we cannot vouch for the company, but we’ll soon discover whether the company pays when we exhaust the review process. It is advisable to keep yourself informed on genuine HYIPs, which you can find on our blog.

Is Bitfluence Risky?

Many HYIPs out there are just scams. Before you invest in a particular program, it is advisable to consult a financial advisor. As for Bitfluence, we shall roll out more information from reliable HYIP monitors to determine whether it is safe.

Bitfluence Investment Plans

Bitfluence offers investment plans as follows:

  • A 6-week investment plan that yields 5% daily and 0.5% on weekends, giving investors 56% net profit. The total investment return is 156%.
  • A 9-week investment plan that yields 4% daily and 1% during weekends, giving investors 98% net profit. The total return is 198%.

According to their website, they say the information is based on previous results and can change due to circumstances and factors stated in their Terms and Conditions.


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