BitForex Launches Its Own Coin and Future Contracts Consecutively, Becoming the World's First One-Stop-Shop for Crypto-Traders

BitForex Becomes The World’s First One-Stop-Shop For Crypto-Traders

Following continues progressive leap from 63 to the top 10 on the ranking of crypto-asset exchanges on CoinMarketCap, BitForex has now said it would launch its own coin in July and future contracts, becoming the world’s first ‘one-stop-shop' for crypto-asset users offering on its platform: Cryptocurrencies, Tokens, and Derivatives.

The long-established exchange BitForex’s announcement comes after previous bear markets made Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other mainstream cryptocurrencies suffer a considerable decrease in their market value.

Although, the coins by leading exchanges have been directly affected by the current shrinking market conditions, leading to a decline in the revenue of those trading platforms' coins and with limited room for growth, BitForex says its coin has a huge potential.

The company said with strategic partnerships, launching of its coin, and the addition of derivatives on its trading platform, BitForex creates a huge potential for its forthcoming BF Token.

More Big Moves

BitForex is also launching the world's first digital-based financial derivatives one-stop service in mid-July 2018. It said it will diversify digital financial derivative products such as futures and options contracts, creating its cryptocurrency derivatives ecosystem, solving the problem of crypto-asset owners' financing difficulties.

BitForex will also offer a very generous revenue sharing model which will reward its users through transaction mining among other mining models in place on its platform.

BitForex says it starts from the user's point of view and uses the profound knowledge of the blockchain field to select high-quality currencies for global users, leading the trend of blockchain technology.

The company is headquartered in Singapore, registered as the Republic of Seychelles, has an independent operating team in Germany, Estonia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries and regions, currently has users in more than 86 countries. The BitForex team boasts of members from world-renowned companies such as Merrill Lynch, World Bank, McKinsey, Microsoft, Tencent and Lenovo. Graduation colleges include MIT, Columbia University, Cambridge University, and National University of Singapore.

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