Today we are going to review a new lending company called Bitfort. Do you want to know if this company can be a good investment for you? Read our review.

What Is Bitfort?

Bitfort is a cryptocurrency lending platform which intends to distinguish itself from the other platforms by doing one thing differently: it will not promise unrealistic returns to you. By doing this, the company believes that it will be able to really get a great return on investment for its users exactly because it will not be lying that they will get 50% of return on investment in a single month.

The company describes itself as a self-regulated financial system which enables its users to get more money via both staking and lending.

How Does Bitfort Secure Cryptocurrency Lending Investments Work?

The heart of the Bitfort platform will be the Bitfort app. The will be available for both the Android system and the iOS. Using the app, you will be able to transfer tokens and buy and sell tokens with other users of the network. The app also has a cryptocurrency wallet that you will be able to use to secure your cryptocurrency.

The Bitfort app will have a dashboard which can be used to trade tokens and for lending. This platform was designed to be very easy to use and to help the users to understand how the system works.

The major selling point of Bitfort is the lending program. The lending program was designed to give a return of 0.5% to 1% per day for the users and provide instant withdrawal of your money. Why did the company create this system? Because many companies promise high returns on investment but are not able to deliver them. A max of 1% is very deliverable.

The company uses arbitrage techniques and has more than five years of experience with a business like this, which they tell that it will guarantee that the company will be able to give proper returns to the investors.

You can also use the internal exchange of the company which will let users trade Bitfort coins with themselves to enable a high liquidity of the market and makes the process of using the Bitfort tokens more smooth and effective.

How To Invest In BitFort BTF ICO Details

If you want to buy Bitfort tokens for the best price, you have to participate in the Initial Coin Offering that the company is having right now. The price of the tokens will be different in each one of the six rounds that the company has planned. The starting price will be $0.80 USD per token and it will rise 10 cents per round until it reaches $1.30 USD in the last round.

After the ICO, you will be able to acquire tokens on the Bitfort platform for the market price or you can buy them at the exchanges which will sell the tokens: CoinExchange, Idex, HitBTC and LiveCoin.

As soon as you have the tokens, the other most profitable way to invest in Bitfort by lending money to the platform. If you lend more money, you will receive a better return on investment.

  • $100-1000 USD: up to 30% for 185 days.
  • $1001-5000 USD: up to 40% for 135 days.
  • $5001-10,000 USD: up to 44% for 108 days.
  • $10,001-30,000 USD: up to 51% for 86 days.
  • $30,001-50,000 USD: up to 56% for 60 days.
  • $50,001+ USD: up to 60% for 45 days.

You can also stake money and you will receive up to 15% monthly without any kind of risk.

Finally, the company has referrals programs for the ICO and for lending. The ICO will have a flat rate of 6% and the rates for lending will vary from 2% to 8%.

Bitfort Verdict

Is this the best possible investment that you can make right now? Not really, but is it a good one? We have to check a few factors first. The main positive point about this company is that it does not promise what it knows that it can’t deliver, so this lowers the chances of this investment turning out to be a scam because scams generally offer unreal expectationss.

The major negative point is that, while the idea of being sincere is very interesting, this cryptocurrency is still somewhat generic, so this means that it might not attract a lot of investors and its tokens might not be worthy a lot of money in the long run. Because of this, you have to think well about investing in this company.

The choice is yours, so you should study all of the aspects of this company and determine if Bitfort can actually be a good investment for you or not. If you want, you can also check our blog for more interesting investments.

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