BitFundZa is a bitcoin-based investment scheme that promises to pay you 1049 BTC in exchange for a 0.0035 BTC initial investment. Find out if it’s a scam or a legit opportunity today in our review.

What is BitFundZa?

BitFundZa, found online at, claims to be an investment opportunity that will pay you a lot of money with little risk or work required. You give the company 0.0035 BTC, then fill a 3×5 matrix.

BitFundZa launched in late October / early November, although the company’s social media profiles have been online since earlier this summer. We have no evidence that anyone has ever earned money from the company, or that anyone has been able to successfully withdraw their money.

We also have no evidence that BitFundZa has any products, services, or investment funds. Instead, the company appears to function like every other pyramid scheme on the internet today.

How Does BitFundZa Work?

Obviously, it’s illegal to run a pyramid scheme. Regulators frown upon companies that revolve exclusively around fee-based memberships, yet members don’t get any special access to products or services.

That’s why BitFundZa describes itself as a “bitcoin and altcoin education system” where you can “donate bitcoin and win”.

In reality, BitFundZa forces members to pay a membership fee, then continue paying fees to the mysterious company to stay active. The only way to make a positive return on your investment is to convince other people to pay the mandatory membership fees. If you convince enough people to pay those fees, then you might make a positive return on your investment.

Some of the key features of this pyramid scheme include:

  • Membership fees of 0.0035 BTC per month
  • Earn 1049 BTC per month ($7.7 million USD per month)
  • 3×5 forced matrix

Ultimately, 98% of people involved with multilevel marketing companies and pyramid schemes will lose their money. We see no evidence that BitFundZa has paid anyone a positive return on their investment.

Who’s Behind BitFundZa?

One of the easiest ways to spot a bitcoin scam online is when the founders refuse to disclose information about themselves. That’s been the case with notorious bitcoin scams like Bitconnect, Hextra, and Regalcoin. It’s also the case with BitFundZa.

The website features no information about who’s running the company. There’s no contact information posted online. There’s no way to get in touch with the company, and there’s no way to see where your money is going.

In general, it’s a bad idea to send any amount of money – even 0.0035 BTC – to an anonymous bitcoin wallet online.

BitFundZa’s social media profiles came online in July 2017. However, the scheme only appears to have gone active at the beginning of November 2017.


BitFundZa is an obvious bitcoin scam. The company promises to pay you millions of dollars with no work required. All you need to do is send the company one easy payment of 0.0035 BTC, and you’ll gain access to a 3×5 matrix pyramid scheme. If you can convince thousands of people to pay that same membership fee, then you’ll make a positive ROI.

Ultimately, there’s no transparency about BitFundZa or who’s running the company. The creator of the program expects you to send money to an anonymous bitcoin wallet with no evidence you’ll ever get it back.

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