What Is Bitheum?

Bitheum is a decentralized peer-to-peer digital cash that can be stored and transferred electronically. The digital coin is powered by computers around the world to ensure fast, private, and secure transactions.

Bitheum aim is to solve the many decentralization and stabilization issues that face many cryptocurrencies in the Crypto industry. The currency will come up with the first zero-work proof-of-stake consensus. This makes it easier to reward users of the Bitheum network who upholds and maintains the network without the need for other activities outside the platform.

The Bitheum coin will use a network that is self-funding and an all in one network that rewards the users for being part of the ecosystem. The Bitheum network can be used for all financial activities such as in the provision of anonymous and secure transactions while ensuring the integrity of the data. The network also provides payment gateways for businesses and merchants. Bitheum is a digital asset that accrues profits just by the user using it to transact or holding it.

Bitheum Blockchain Cryptocurrency Payment Token Features

Bitheum BlazePay Card

The pay card will enable Bitheum users to change Bitheum coins into dollars or to other fiat currencies. Additionally, users will be able to load dollars into the pay card using the Bitheum wallet. The pay card enables users to spend their funds anywhere and allows for fast transactions.

The Bitheum Staking And Smart Rewards Program

Bitheum offers a way for users to earn passive income through the smart staking program that will encourage the long-term holding of the digital coin. It will also be used as a means of stabilizing the Bitheum coin’s market.

Email Send

This feature allows the users to send Bitheum and any other fiat currency to anyone in the globe regardless of whether they use the Bitheum wallet or not. The recipient of the funds will have to download the Bitheum wallet to have their funds deposited.

Security And Data Encryption

The Bitheum platform will ensure security through the use of passwords, 2-factor authentication and the requirement for multiple signatures to send coins.

Multicurrency And Cryptocurrency Support

The open source app used in the Bitheum wallet will enable users to store multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in a secure portfolio.


The platform will be fully optimized to enable instant access of funds anywhere and anytime.

Zero Transaction Fees

The Bitheum platform had zero transaction fees no matter where, how, and when the users use the wallet. The cryptocurrency is both costless and borderless.

Highly Optimized And Secure Wallets

Users using the Bitheum wallet will be able to access and govern their funds without worrying about security issues. The wallet will have features such as email send, mining, instant shape lift, smart staking, and crypto vault.

Mobile Mining

Miners can use the CPU or GPU or their smartphones to get a share of the Bitheum network. This will make the digital coin more decentralized and easy to access.

Bitheum BTH ICO Details

The ICO date for the Bitheum coin is on 23rd March this year, and the ICO will end on 2nd May 2018. The value of the coin is valued at 1BTH=0.000125BTC. The accepted currency at the ICO will be Bitcoin.


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