Since the inception of blockchain programming, people have been excited about its benefits. They rushed to grab the investment opportunities that came with it. Unfortunately, their ignorance has cost them a lot of money and time. These innocent investors have become victims to the so-called high yielding investment platforms such as Bitholder.

What Does Bitholder Promise?

Beware when you are investing on a platform such as Bitholder. By the look of this site, it has all the pointers of a scam site. The goal is to lure ambitious investors and rip off their money using a ponzi scheme. The first thing such a site does is to mention that they are legally registered.

The site has even included an address to sound even more convincing. This information should not gain anyone’s trust. Cryptocurrency investment platforms can register people from anywhere in the world. Stating that they are in United Kingdom is not necessarily true. Additionally, there is no evidence that their offices are in the address given on the site.

Bitholder promises people attractive returns that will entice people to invest their funds. They claim that a team of experienced financial analysts are working endlessly to ensure that investors make the most out of their funds. This vague language is suspicious because it suggests anonymity. To prove this claim, there is no mention of the company owner or founder. The site just uses ‘we’ in reference to the owners.

Bitholder has also made other efforts like creating a site that looks genuine. This is to disguise their real motive. Most people tend to trust an entity if the site looks legit. Bitholder may not con people their money immediately. They will continue their operations until they gather a reasonable pay day from people’s hard earned money. Eventually, they will disappear without a trace, leaving investors wondering what happened to their investments.


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