BitHub BHT Coin Review

BitHub is a digital asset exchange that has its headquarters in NY. It facilitates the exchange of leading crypto assets with fiat currency. The BitHub project aims to create a reliable digital coin exchange, which encourages investors and individuals to take full advantage of the growing crypto coin markets.

It aims to achieve this by providing them with an innovative exchange that offers them the ability to leverage new investment vehicles for various fiscal health reasons. Through their ICO, they will raise capital to test and create the exchange while also offering value to the investors.

From the funds collected from the ICO, about 5%-10% will be used for further development of the decentralized exchange model to open the platform to even more potential investors.

An Overview of the Current Market

Bitcoin first popularized Blockchain technology and its use as a currency. Since then, it has continued to have a significant impact on the global market and even on major economies. Digital currencies are affecting how businesses and financial institutions raise, spend, and invest their funds.

The success of digital currencies relies on their development, application, and the ability to be used on various platforms, including exchanges. A centralized exchange that has its own coin offers investors a safe model via which they can work with different digital coins. This allows them to diversify their portfolio, which enables them better protection and greater potential gains.

BitHub views trade in digital assets as one of the best ways to generate revenue with the digital coin ecosystem. The demand for this product already exists, with numerous individuals and investors seeking for a secure place where to store fiat currency and convert it to various digital coins. When you examine the current trading volumes for the recent quarter, it stands at about $3.8 billion or more.

This is significant, but it is quite small compared to the trade volumes on other markets such as FOREX and NASDAQ. There is interest and the potential for growth is there. However, there is something hindering people from plunging into this market.

Thus, BitHub believes that there is the need to create an easy process to enter the market. One of the first steps to making the process easy is by creating a better digital coin exchange. Thus, they have created the BitHub exchange, which is powered by BHT.

How BitHub Will Work

The BitHub exchange will not only provide crypto coin exchange support but ICOs as well. Initially, a 0.08 %-0.19 % fee will be charged to maximize market liquidity as well as allow digital coins to perform at their peak. As the user's trade volume rise, they will move into the lower fee bracket.

The exchange is designed to allow first trade. It has been designed to support up to a million trades per second. This means that it can support real-time trading as is common in current trade environment. The exchange will also address the issue of today’s ICOs, especially liquidity issues with tokens. They will provide a support system that allows tokens to spread soon after they move out of the initial stage.

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