For people who love taking risks, high yield investment programmes are an ideal way of making money. These programmes offer investors a daily yield that’s considerably high but with a high level of risk. Let’s look into one of these HYIPs by the name Bitify.

It’s essential to note that we haven’t invested in Bitify yet as we are taking time to review more promising high yield investment programmes. We therefore can’t confirm whether the programme is consistently making its daily payouts. For viable investment options, please have a look at our blog whose contents are well researched.

About Bitify

We can’t guarantee whether Bitify is paying the daily payouts to its investors. It’s therefore important for you to check out HYIP monitors before putting in money into this or any other HYIP out there. Additionally, don’t solely rely on Bitify to confirm whether payments are made or not.

Is It A Risky Investment?

Truth be told, most of the HYIPs out there come with a high level of risk. In order to mitigate these risks, always withhold from reinvesting into this programmes until a considerable amount of timehas passed. As a further precaution, look at HYIP monitors in order to gain insight about how the payments are done.

Bitify Plans

The following is the investment plan offered by Bitify:

  • Daily trial, 2.2% Min $ 10, Max $ 2499 total profit 133%, daily 15 days
  • After active, 160%, Min $100, Max $ 4999 Total profit 160% after 20 days
  • Daily commerce, 2.6% Min $2500 Max 14,999 Total profit 178% daily 30 days
  • After optimal, 240% Min $5,000 Max $ 24,999 Total profit 240% after 40 days
  • Daily business, 3% Min $15,000 Max $50,000 Total profit 235% after 45 days
  • After imperial, 340% Min $ 25,000 Max $ 75,000 Total profit 340% after 3 days

Bitify Conclusion

We can’t guarantee you on the legal status of Bitify. It’s important that you monitor data from HYIPs before pumping in your hard earned cash into them.

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