According to official company representatives, Ripple (a leading crypto based money transfer service) has just added Benjamin Lawsky to its roster. Ben will serve as a board member, and aims to take the company in a direction that amalgamates the world of crypto with that of novel payment technologies. This change of personnel comes as no surprise due to the simple reason that Ripple has been making moves ever since the start of last month, in a bid to establish its image as being one of the big players in the crypto market today.

Who Is Benjamin Lawsky?

Benjamin Lawsky is a ‘former superintendent of financial services’ for the state of New York, and has been serving the government for more than 20 years. He has worked at both the federal and state level, and his credentials also encompass various roles in the “financial services and digital-asset” space. At this point, it would also be important to mention that Mr Lawsky is the person behind BitLicense, a leader in the field of “digital-asset regulation”.

His other credentials include:

  • Ben has worked as the “Assistant U.S. attorney” in the Southern District of New York,
  • Served as the “Chief Counsel” to U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY),
  • Served in the capacity of “Chief of staff” for Governor Andrew Cuomo
  • Co-chair of Governor Cuomo’s Cyber Security Advisory Board.

What Is The Company Looking Towards In The Future?

With the addition of someone like Ben on their board of directors, Ripple now aims to accelerate innovation and start to work in a direction that can help “financial institutions adopt XRP for institutional use”. As a direct result of this, there will be a revolution that can possibly make the sending/receiving of global payments much more easy and accessible.

When asked about his role in the organization, Mr Lawsky said ““Ripple and its leadership are passionate about making our global financial system more efficient, more secure and more fair,” He then went on to add, “I share those same goals and I’m thrilled and humbled to work side by side with their incredible team as they continue to pave the way for the growth and accelerating adoption of blockchain and digital assets in the years ahead.”

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