Bitmain Antminer D3 for Decred (DCR) Cryptocurrency Launches New Dedicated ASIC Rig

Decred (DCR) Gets Dedicated ASIC Rig From Bitmain

Bitmain has recently announced that Decred (DCR) will have a dedicated ASIC mining rig, the Antminer D3. According to the company, the new product mines with a hash rate of 7.8 TH/s and a power consumption of 1410 W.

DCR is a two-tier digital asset that relies on nodes to verify the network and it is resistant against 51% attacks. This means that an attack to this network could prove to be too expensive to be an alternative. With ASIC mining, it looks like the token might get even more resistant. DCR only had GPU-mining before, but it looks like ASIC mining is here to stay.

While this asset is somewhat unpopular and mostly supported by Korean trading alone, its price rose 1.11% in 24 hours after the new ASIC miner was announced. At the moment, the price of this token stays at $38.63 USD per unit.

The Bitmain Controversy

This announcement comes amidst a bad time for Bitmain. The company is currently on a very tense situation as it is believed that some of its ASIC miners are now unprofitable as the price of the tokens in the crypto industry have all decreased over time. Also, the company has been accused of using the machines before it sold them to the customers.

Decred Rising

The hash rate of the token has increased a lot lately. It has risen from 3,700 TH/s to 85,000 TH/s recently and it is believed that this has been the result of ASIC mining (mostly done in secret) instead of GPU mining. It is possible that some ASIC mining has already occurred right now. The company uses the Blake 256 algorithm for mining, which is very popular in cloud mining.

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