Bitmain AntMiner T9

Bitmain is still the world premier ASIC manufacture, and it’s no secret that their hardware powers most of the Bitcoin network. If you want to mine Bitcoin, you are better off buying hardware from Bitmain. The firm recently launched the Antiminer T9 a predecessor of the efficient S9 from the same firm.

The Bitmain Antiminer T9 is a predecessor of the S9. It is more efficient with a hash density of 11.5 TH/S as it uses the new 16nm BM 1387 chips. 171 chips in power efficient string design are used across three mining boards and are cooled by two powerful 120 mm fans. The T9 does not need an external controller, but it comes with a power supply. The T9 is the latest and one of the most reliable Antiminers from Bitmain. Regarding maintenance, it is better than its rival the S9 as the ASIC chips of the Antiminer is more reliable despite the fact it has a high voltage consumption. You will spend less on the replacement and repairing of your miner if you buy the T9.

Advantages Of The Bitmain AntMiner T9

A Good Hash Rate

With a hash rate of 11.5 TH/s, this is a respectable Antiminer and will give you the best hash rate especially if you want to have a large miner at an affordable price.


This improved reliability of the T9 is its major advantage compared to the S9. The S9 has more chips that result in greater efficiency, but an increased failure rate as the chips run at minimal voltage. The T9 chips run at a higher voltage that leads to decreased efficiency, but greater reliability compared to the S9. If you have many miners, you need more stability and efficiency. The T9 is the right Antiminer for you, as it will need less resets, less downtime, less maintenance, and less time wasted on replacements and repairs.


The T9 comes with a 180-day warranty. However, actions such as the use of the incorrect power supply or overclocking will lead to an invalidation of the equipment warranty. The warranty does not cover damages from the elements.


Some mining hardware consumes too much power, which can hinder your profitmaking ability. Luckily, the T9 consumes a favorable amount of power, and it is the best hardware for anyone wishing to reduce their power consumption cost. It only consumes 1450 W for the hardware Hash rate.


The price range for the T9 Antiminer is between $1100 to $1300. This price is affordable, and although it has a lower hash rate compared to the S9, the price is reasonable for such a performer.


Profits are the major reason why most miners conduct their mining business. The T9 is just the right hardware if you want to gain profits when mining. At the current BTC exchange rate, the T9 will give you approximately 0.09BTC monthly that translates to more than $300 per month.


The T9 Antimniner is a stable miner, much more stable compared to other Antiminers. The T9 also has high-quality chips that will give you better and quality performance.

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