Bitmain To Create 400 Jobs With New Bitcoin Mining Data Center In Texas

There is no miner of Bitcoin that is any bigger than Bitmain, and they have decided that it is time to expand with a new blockchain center and cryptocurrency mining facility. The construction plans are in the works, which is planned to build in Milam County, Texas. In a recent report by CCN, it seems that they have chosen to use Texas as part of the expansion through North America.

This project is worth $500 million, and the locals can expect 400 new job positions to be available to help with the creation of their facilities. This could help to renew the area, considering the job losses in the area. This project is planned to be in progress over the next two years, though it should be available by early 2018 to operate.

The economy in the area is suffering, and the addition of new jobs could stimulate something spectacular. Most of the loss has come from the fact that there are lots of young people in the area, most of which do not have the skills needed to work in the area. This project will help to increase the disposable income available to spend more in the economy and could promote higher property values in the area.

Bitmain seems to prioritize the benefits to consumers in Texas, because they also made the decision to partner with educational institutions in Milam County. Their partnership will help professionals and students to get the skills that they need for better jobs and even careers at the facilities. They have already let locals know that they will be recruiting for positions within the data center. They seem to be recruiting for just about everything, including technicians, senior management, sales associates, research associates, finance associates, and engineers.

The data center of Rockdale is one of the main parts of their plan to expand to North America, and it was founded back in 2013. Since then, they have grown to become the biggest developer of bitcoin mining equipment in the world, taking over 70% of the market. They expanded their business to both Asia and Europe, which is why North America seems to be the next step.

In a statement from Jeff Stearns, the executive vice president of the North American sector, he said,

“Bitmain is truly honored to announce this news and is excited to work with local partners, government and stakeholders in realizing this vision, throughout the initial set-up phase, operations and beyond.”

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