Bitmari is a blockchain company that was created with a single mission: help people to send money to Zimbabwe. “What?” you might be asking if you haven’t really taken your time to get to know Zimbabwe better. The truth is that this African country has a problem with high inflation and had an economic collapse in 2009, so Bitmari is trying to help the people who want to send money there.

After the economic crisis, many people decided to leave the country and work in other countries, this made it necessary for this people to send money to their families to help them.

Unfortunately, not only Zimbabwe has a high inflation rate, but the country also has a high cost of remittance, which is somewhere near 7% around the world, but around 20% in the country.

What Is Bitmari?

Bitmari is a blockchain company created to facilitate transactions in Zimbabwe with the rest of the world. This company has received an official license from the Central Bank of Zimbabwe to receive Bitcoin, so this will be your only legal option if you want to send money to the country.

Created with an anti-neocolonial view, this company intends to topple the banks that are controlling people’s finances in Zimbabwe by offering them the chance to use Bitcoin. This way, people can use this company to officially send Bitcoin to their families paying low remittance costs and still be within the boundaries of the law.

Bitmari Wallet & Pan-African Crypto Remittance Service

The Bitmari Wallet is the crypto wallet developed by the company. To use it, you have to go to the company’s site and register a Bitmari account. After that, you have to verify it and be whitelisted in the Know Your Customer process. You can fund your wallet with a bank account or Bitcoin.

At the moment, this wallet supports many different African languages like Shona, Ndebele, Wolof, Swahili, Zulu, Sotho, Tswana and will support others in the future.

The wallet also has protocols to protect your cryptocurrencies. At the moment, it only accepts Bitcoin but there is a chance that Bitmari might start to accept other types of cryptocurrencies in the near future if they start to become popular in the country.

By using this wallet you can send money to Zimbabwe and collect in USD in any Agribank Zimbabwe. The fees are only 4%, which are about a fifth of what the normal fees would be in the country. To send the money, first you need to have Bitcoin in your wallet, then use the Bitmari Mobile App to send the money.

Finally, the person can collect the money even if it does not have a Bitmari Wallet like you which is great for people whose families are not so accustomed to the new technologies.

The company is interested in having more users, so if you send referral links, you can earn up to 25% commission on the transactions fees of the people that you sent the link to. Bitmari even promises to give you some sort of training if you want to promote the company to receive referrals.

The Bitmari Agro-Tech Accelerator For Women Farmers

A very interesting project developed by this company is the Accelerator for Women Farmers. This project was co-created with the help of the local government and it basically consist of a program to help female farmers.

This projects helps them to raise the funds to buy equipment and irrigation pumps to use in farms. The company starts a crowdfunding process for investors to raise the money that will be sent via Bitcoin to the farmers and they will be able to use it to buy the equipment that they need.

Bitmari Verdict

At the moment of this report, Bitmari has not announced any new token of anything of the sort, using mostly Bitcoin. Because of this, consider this company “interesting” if you or your family lives in Zimbabwe, not if you are an investor.

If this is the case, then it would be a great idea to use this company if you are concerned about accessibility or being within the boundaries of the law. This is the only way to legally receive Bitcoin, what makes Bitmari a very interesting option for people who live in the country.

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