Bitcoin mining is still a financially viable prospect, and is currently being used by hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world to generate income. Mining pools offer Bitcoin miners the ability to share their processing power over a network, and then share the profit achieved in an equal manner, corresponding to the amount of work they contributed toward solving the block.

One of the most popular Bitcoin mining pools online today is, which leverages mining power backed up by physical miners. In this article, we’ll check out and find out what they offer to help you determine whether it’s the right mining solution for you.

What Is

Bitminer is an industry leader in Bitcoin mining, and leverages the latest mining algorithms in order to generate as many Bitcoins as possible. hosts data centers around the world, and operates infrastructure in Europe, the US, and China. Over 482 days of operation, has generated more than 3,100 Bitcoin. Options offers four different BitMiner options:

  • Version 1.1 is priced at 0.01 Bitcoin, and provides an X2 earning rate that generates 80 sato per minute, or 0.0012 Bitcoin daily
  • Version 1.2 is priced at 0.1 Bitcoin, and delivers an X25 earning rate that generates 1000 sato per minute, or 0.015 Bitcoin every day
  • Version 1.3 is priced at 0.9 BTC, and generates 10000 sato per minute, or 0.15 BTC daily
  • Version 1.4 delivers a massive X1750 earning rate, generating 70000 sato per minute, or 1 BTC daily

The Verdict is one of the most reputable mining pools online, and offers a reasonable ROI. If you’re currently investigating Bitcoin mining pools, is definitely worth taking a look at.

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