Bitnexa BNX ICO Review

About Bitnexa BNX Coin

Bitnexa BNX is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is not controlled by any institution or government. The platform is open source and seeks to provide investors with multiple sources of investment. The digital coin can be used as a store of value and as a means of exchange at low fees and fast speeds.

The platform allows new investors to join a profitable D-currency; the experienced investors will have a chance to increase their managed capital volume while professional funds and traders will be able to attract new clients globally.

Features Of Bitnexa


The transaction confirmation of Bitnexa occurs within seconds. The digital currency is faster than bitcoin. This is due to the use of a blockchain technology that allows Bitnexa to be faster in money transactions compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Low Fees

Compared to the cost of traditional methods, the platform charges the investors minimal fees. Whether you want to do an overseas or domestic transaction, the cost is still low.


Thanks to an advanced blockchain technology, the information about the sender of the money, receiver and the amount spent on the platform cannot leak.


Blockchain technology protects investor’s accounts from attacks and prevents interference of transactions.

Simple Apps

The mobile apps and the debit apps are easy to use which makes transactions easier even for a beginner.

Bitnexa Provides Solutions

Bitnexa hopes to provide solutions to different members of the platform including:

  • Lenders by providing financial transparency
  • To traders by giving them a pioneering tool for signal solutions for the selling and buying of cryptocurrencies and the trade automation solution provided on the cloud platform that combines with big data.
  • For miners by allowing miners to earn Bitnexa coins from mega computers and those who are website programmers to earn the digital currency from the use of high traffic websites.
  • For new investors, the platform gives them simple and technical investment opportunities that they can access from mobile apps.

Bitnexa BNX ICO Token Details

BXN are bitcoin-based tokens and will be sold in smart bitcoin contracts. The platform hopes to sell the BXN tokens to raise funds for the development of the project and to scale the successful model of business.

66,000,000 coins will be available for purchase during the ICO. Any coins that will not be sold after the ICO will be burnt. After the ICO period, buyers will wait for 180 days to receive their tokens. The platform hopes to come up with a buyback program that will allow team members to sell their BXN in exchange for bitcoin. 20% of all the BXN in circulation will be bought back within 24 hours after hitting the exchange to enable the platform to achieve a bullish trend.  The uses of BXN on the platform include:

  • Allow members to have premium access and privilege services on the platform
  • Gives a chance for investors to earn via the ICO referral program where members who refer other investors will get some income
  • BXN will allow investors earn bitcoin when they are sold on the buyback program
  • As a reward for those investors on the platform

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