OceanEx Platform Breaks the Mold with Ecosystem that Thrives on Intelligent Digital Assets

OceanEx Platform Breaks the Mold with Ecosystem that Thrives on Intelligent Digital Assets

Anyone that has been in the financial world has seen the major progress of the industry in the last five years. OceanEx, which was created by BitOcean Global, strongly holds the stance the blockchain will eventually be used by every person in some capacity. With that idea in mind, the company constantly looks for ways to make blockchain technology more easily accessible to overhaul businesses and industries.

VeChain has been a major catalyst for change with BitOcean Global, as they want to establish a blockchain for the public that can be used for enterprise applications. The two companies have matching goals on how they want the technology to pan out, with the understanding that there are multiple hurdles that they must pass to reach their target. The enterprise-level blockchain, which will be called the VeChainThor blockchain, plans to hold the most business activity of any public platform in the world.

The ecosystem will need to grow, which is where the trading services and other offerings from Ocean Ex come in. That connection will bridge the gap between the fiat and crypto worlds, making a platform that will make it easier for businesses to adapt to both blockchain and cryptocurrency as a whole.

BitOcean's OceanEx Features

At its core, OceanEx is a platform that will provide opportunities for crypto exchanges and asset management, but it thrives on the use of AI technology. The key visions of the company include:

  1. Establishing the VeChain Ecosystem as a viable service, with the ability to trade tokens with VET pairing
  2. Developing platform security with token liquidity using artificial intelligence
  3. Offering a variety of products for consumers to invest in
  4. Developing an exchange community that is technologically advanced enough to challenge the current industry.

Every part of the OceanEx ecosystem is about integrating AI to the various transactions. The developed algorithms protect the user from everything, including bad investments and even hackers. The goal of using this technology is to support the reliability of the network as a whole, though they have managed to develop a server that can withstand the high traffic as well.

OceanBrain, OceanQuant, OceanMarket and Ocean Lab

There are several components to the technology at Ocean Exchange, including OceanBrain, OceanQuant, OceanMarket, and Ocean Lab.


OceanBrain is the AI part of the technology, which uses the available trading behavior and other details about the market to make recommendations to the user.


OceanQuant supports quantitative trading.


The OceanMarket offers a database that supports social trading, though developers of the algorithms will be privy to payment for transaction fees that occur with the best-performing algorithms.

Ocean Lab

Unfortunately, there are no details online right now about Ocean Lab, but the platform is still developing this area.

BitOcean Global OceanEx’s Platform

During the initial development, the main goal seems to just be getting OceanEx’s platform up and running, creating the VET trading pairs and offering the blockchain publicly. As the technology is established, BitOcean Global will be building up their platform and developing services that create more value and content for participants in the ecosystems.

OceanEx plans to have a maximum cap of 10 billion tokens, which will be dispersed in about two or three rounds of sales. Unfortunately, they do not plan to offer a public sale, so consumers will need to get in while they can. The only chance of additional sales will be if the management team finds it necessary, though there is no indication of what those circumstances would be. The dates of these ICOs and pre-ICOs will be released soon, though consumers will get the most information by visiting www.bitocean.org.

One thing is for sure, the crypto community is estatic:

VeChain just retweeted this tweet. Interesting! from Vechain


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