Are you ready to start investing in cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrencies are the future of finances whether you like them or not, so you better start investing soon or you will lose a great chance.

Between all of the hottest cryptocurrencies right now, there is no doubt that Bitcoin is the biggest of them. Because of this, it can be the best investment that you can make right now, but do know how to buy Bitcoin or can you buy it? Don’t worry, we can help you with that.

Today, we are going to review a site on which you can buy Bitcoin: Bitocrypt.

What is Bitocrypt?

This is a site made for people that want to buy Bitcoin. It was created recently, as most of these sites that you can find online that offers Bitcoin. The site might be new, but it had already more than 12,000 Bitcoins exchanged if you can believe the information published by the site.

Bitocrypt is a partner of PayPal, so you can use this service to pay for the currency that you are going to purchase on the site. The money will be sent straight to your wallet after you purchase it and the process is very simple.

The company also offers a very small fee of only 1% for making the transaction for you, so it can be a good site to start buying Bitcoin.

How Does Work?

Basically, the company has many Bitcoins and they will be able to sell them to you for a small fee of 1% plus the exchange rates. You will be able to buy with fiat currency, so you this can be a starting point for you to start investing in cryptocurrency.

The market has grown a lot lately, so this site offers an easy way to acquire your first Bitcoins and start investing. The price of the Bitcoin is always updated, so you can buy at the market price.

The company does not offer 24/7 support but offers support in at least 48 hours after you call them.

How to Invest in

To buy Bitcoin in this site, you will not even need to register. You will only need a Bitcoin Wallet and use the site. You can transfer the money easily, pay a small fee of 1% and you will have your transaction made quickly.

The Bitocrypt Verdict

Is this a good choice of site for you? Yes. It is very easy to use and the fees are not very big. This makes a nice choice of site to buy your first Bitcoins. The site is a partner of Paypal, so you can probably trust that you will not be scammed.

No red flags were found on the website when we looked at it. Everything looks ok and there are no problems whatsoever during the transactions, so it looks like a reliable site.
If you are interested in using this site, you can feel free to use it. It looks like a great starting point for investing in Bitcoin and entering in the cryptocurrency and blockchain financial market.

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  1. This shit is fraud. I have been waiting on my coins for days now… no reply. You should be ashamed of yourself for advertising this BS

  2. I bought from them on December 22nd and I didn’t get anything. It keeps saying processing. I sent an email and they said it takes from 3 to 4 days the first time. Dec 28th and still nothing. I just cancelled the order. Hope I’ll get my money back. I just noticed that when the payment was done through PayPal it used the friends and family option so I can’t dispute it. BEWARE!!!

  3. Complete FRAUD as above. Payment made. No coins ever delivered and customer service no response. Payment made 3 weeks ago now.




  4. Complete scam. They offered me a .01 btc bonus on every transaction I did not complete, but not for the one I paid for. It’s been a week and I’ve yet to receive my btc. I’ve emailed them hundreds of times, literally re-sent the same email hundreds of times, and not one reply. Opened a case resolution with PayPal. Also, going to go to the nyc address and break some heads since it’s local.

  5. Same here. $500 usd and its bene 6 days and not one reply to my emails. Still says “waiting for payment” on their end but got an email from paypal saying Demetrius Feest accepted your $500 payment with a transaction number. Sent like 7 messages and still no reply. Scam. Gonna start a ticket with paypal now after reading all your horror stories too.

    • Paypal won’t do shit. It was processed as friends and family. You can’t dispute it. Call your bank or credit card and tell them it was an an authorized transaction. I also made the mistake of using paypal. I hope this helps.


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