Most of the investors who are in this volatile crypto market who have been trying to make a little extra income have run into some substantial damages. One of the common factors that have led to this is investing in a platform that will not really deliver what they are promising. Platforms that are just out here to get your hard earned cash.

It is due to the fact that these platforms have not acquired the needed skills and knowledge to ensure your trading is successful. One of the platforms we would advise on staying clear from is the Bitorion Limited.

About BitOrion Crypto Trading Plans

The Bitorion Limited is an investment company that claims to have been created by a group of experienced traders. A team that decided they should unite and try and implement a thriving trade and also production of mining Bitcoins which does not seem to be going according to their plans. As they forgot an essential thing you will need in every growing market, that is the experience and the knowledge of how the market operates.

The company was registered in the UK in 2018, another clear evidence they are still too young for us investors to jump in with our hard earned cash. The company goes ahead in stating they are focusing on active development and expanding the number of staff on the platform. But what they would need to do is get a team of experts who have the know-how of the market.

BitOrion Conclusion

We would advise to take a seat back and first see how the company performs for the first few months.

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  1. I reported this company to Companies House, and to ActionFraud in May. The sole director had supplied false information to Companies House in relation to his correspondence address. I applied to have it removed which has now been done. Take your own conclusions from this.


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