Bitpanda Crypto Exchange Adds EOS Tokens for Cash Trading Option

EOS Now Easier to Buy in Europe, Through Bitpanda

Austria's biggest Cryptocurrency Exchange, Bitpanda as part of its expansion drive to list tokens and coins for cash has added EOS.

In an announcement on their official Twitter page, the exchange said that Cryptocurrency lovers can now purchase EOS at 400 Post branches and 1300 Post Partners in Austria with cash. “Conveniently redeemable online within seconds, all you need is an email address,” the post further stated.

Though EOS is readily available on exchanges for Cryptocurrency aficionados despite its strenuous token swap manner. However, the move by Bitpanda has made access to it via redeemable voucher.

PAN Digital Asset

More so, the exchange has begun trading of its native digital asset of Pantos (PAN) which ICO ended recently. At the moment it is trading only on Bitpanda and it is waiting for withdrawals and listings on more exchanges.

“PAN is now tradeable (buy and sell) on Bitpanda! We’ve put together an FAQ to tackle the most commonly asked questions regarding PAN trading,” another tweet, this time on the Pantos Twitter page revealed.

EOS Price

The market price of EOS has been catching up fine with a meaningful aid of Tether (USDT) supply hovering around $8.22. Currently, EOS is dormant and impotent in initiating a bullish spell with some experts asserting there are deliberate attempts to hold the price downward.

Last month the highest point of its price was $9.02 and the lowest being $6.20. However, post launch of the mainnet and the daily auctions witnessed the asset losing half of its value and has floated sidelong

In fact, EOS RAM prices have slowed down, reverting to 0.13 EOS by kilobyte, per prices on the BitBNS exchange. RAM prices reached as high as 0.86 EOS per kilobyte, rendering it uneconomical to conduct airdrops and generate new accounts and wallets. Also, creating a new EOS wallet demands extra expenses.

According to EOS Authority EOS ram update has been approved to increases EOS RAM gradually at 1kb per block. The fall in EOS RAM prices arose after a vote conducted amongst the 21 Block Producers where 15 supported the addition of more RAM to the assigned system.

Furthermore, the EOS blockchain has not replicated its one-time accomplishment of achieving 3,097 transactions in one second. In its normal position, block producers confirm and bind quantities of a few hundred transactions per second.

Though this does not occur all the time, and in fact, the 24-hour limit of EOS is nevertheless lower than ETH, based on the Blocktivity monitor. As a matter of fact, for some days now EOS has dropped rank vis-a-vis transactions, and the Bitcoin’s network is leading of further than 200,000 transactions in 24 hours.

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