You can always notice the telltale signs of a fishy option from afar, especially when dealing with investment ventures. It is usually wise to do a bit of sniffing beforehand to be sure if you are on the right track, and we are here to take you through what BitPays. Is it legit or a mere scam? Find out before setting your feet in the water.

What Is Bitpays?

BitPays is reportedly offering customers the opportunity to make money through mining bitcoins, in which case one can invest and jump straight into the market. It claims to be an ideal option for both novice and seasoned online investors alike. Allegedly, it offers a unique investment model for users looking to using Bitcoin not only for paying but also for making income.

But there is a problem. According to the site, customers are promised rather unrealistic returns. Earning money by mining cryptocurrency is entirely possible, but any site that tells you they will make you rich in a matter of hours might not be the best option for you.

That is mostly what this site is about, as they claim to increase your deposit tenfold within 3 hours to 2400 hours, with the deposit working on an ongoing basis. The secret behind this proclaimed smashing success is the use of modern mining equipment as well as trades run at stable markets to minimize the risk of losses.

Bitpays Affiliate Program

Another thing that BitPays offers is the affiliate program, which comes with a high commission rate and timely payouts as well as customized tools and reports. The company is out to pay users who are willing to take part in the popularization of the investment program with rewards for anyone.

The commissions are divided into three levels. One is for direct referrals and has up to 7% commission; the second level offers 2% commission, while the third has 1% commission. As suggested, customers can still make a lot of money through this program.

Bitpays Cryptocurrecy Investment Program Verdict

Every form of investing comes with a fair share of risks, but the most important thing is investing with a client that you can trust. We cannot say that BitPays is a 100% genuine, since their claims to make you rich in hours shed doubt, considering that investment is not a venture to enrich you overnight.

The affiliate program is a matter of concern too, why would a well-performing company have to pay to get customers streaming their way? From our observation, we do not recommend diving head fast into this option, and if you are looking to give it a try, then make sure to be cautious.

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