Bitcoin is growing up. What was once a small operation, a well-kept secret shared by only the smartest young investors on the internet, has quickly grown into an international phenomenon. Propagated by economists projecting the rise of decentralized and anonymous technologies in coming years, the increased public interest in online currencies has provided the ideal breeding ground for a variety of new businesses.

While some new ventures in the realm of Bitcoin are entirely new, some businesses really are the same old thing in a new package. One “same old thing” that continues to come back in the world of Bitcoin is the idea of investment and mining. Since day one, Bitcoin has been the topic of discussion of thousands of savvy investors all over the world.

And while the record-shattering price rises of 2016 and 2017 may have proved many of them right, some investment opportunities have not fared quite as well. In fact, hundreds of past “Bitcoin investment” companies have crashed and failed, leaving investors with very little to show for their opening contributions.

BitPetite markets itself as a Bitcoin investment site. Though their original website was never too clear on the exact process by which investing would yield a profit, they do consistently advertise a significant margin of profit for investors who jump onto the bandwagon. However, a probe into the company’s reviews, as well as their now-closed website, leaves much to be desired in the realm of opportunistic investment.

This guide will give readers an explanation into the opportunities offered by BitPetite, with special attention given to the complaints which have given the company a bad reputation.

BitPetite Process

As previously stated, there is very little information available, either online or on the now-defunct BitPetite website, that tells potential investors how the investment process works. This is not particularly new for the banking industry. Even in the real world, on Wall Street or with any modern investment company, the process for attaining returns is notoriously opaque.

However, consumers should approach the lack of transparency on the BitPetite site with an added sense of trepidation. If the company can’t even explain how their investment process works, or how can they ensure a periodical profit for their investors? The short answer is that they likely can’t.

Bitcoin investment organizations typically function as giant investment pots, where investors pour money into the company under the assumption that the organization will invest their hard-earned Bitcoins into businesses and ventures that yield a profit. Then the company is supposed to periodically award each investor with their slice of the profits.

The problem? BitPetite doesn’t seem to actually pay its investors.

Problems With BitPetite

The main problems with BitPetite are issues shared by most mainstream anonymous investment services. Because the nature of anonymity is a two-way street, consumers have very little knowledge about who runs the organization into which they are throwing their money. Additionally, the anonymity of these Bitcoin investment sites means that they are largely unregulated by any form of regulatory organization in your home country.

Both issues spell trouble for investors looking to ensure the safety of their investments.

But even with these problems in mind, several investment sites have managed to give the market a somewhat acceptable reputation. BitPetite, however, still fails the test for most reviewers. The reason they fail to make themselves a name among the other reputable Bitcoin investment sites is because BitPetite fails to pay, and has failed to even maintain a site.

A prominent review site has concluded that there is little evidence that BitPetite actually pays its investors, and there exists a score of reasons for investors to distrust the service at the start.

Failed Website Of BitPetite

All in all, consumers should steer clear of this investment site. Though their offers of consistent profits may seem appealing to new Bitcoin investors, a deeper probe into BitPetite reveals that there is little to no evidence of actual profit, or even payment, of investors.

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  1. Why do you say the site is nolonger functioning when I just logged in and can use all functions of the website including withdrawing money?

  2. Very bad review. The site is fully functional. It also states how they make their profit and pass it onto investors. They offer a service (bitcoin Tumbling) which is widely used in the bitcoin industry.
    Iv’e been with them for over a week and having signed up to 7 other platforms, Bitpetite is the best IMO.

  3. I use BitPetite every day. The site is up. I withdraw money every day. How can you say the website is down and investors do not get paid? This review makes me wonder if this REVIEW site is actually real or just an attempt to discredit BitPetite and sites like BitPetite.

    • So, as you are saying whatever you want, then open Bitpetite now and continue with your earnings !!!!!
      Bitpetite has gone and will never come back !!! They took all our money in their pockets and then went !!! Fortunately, I have been clever and was withrawing every time I reach 0.005 BTCs !

  4. I just invested 5 LTC which is 302$ and i am learning 12,50$ for day, the site works great, could be a SCAM OR A PONZI, but for now its working. I can Wait 4 weeks to get back 147%

  5. Same for me, all working as promised, already received more than my initial investment and withdrawn. I admit, it does smell scam from the outside, and a bit more transparency from bitpetite would go a long way. But so far, it does what it says on the tin. I hope I don’t need to eat my words later down the line.

  6. I’m getting hourly payments, so does everyone.
    I have more than $100 invested in litecoin so that gives me just enough ROI to
    withdraw the minimum payment of .1 Litecoin or around US $5.00 Daily.
    Actually, 1 Litecoin deposited gives 4.5% return daily on the 6 week contract.
    I invested 2 Litecoins, that gives me 2 x .045 Litecoin = .09 Litecoin daily return.
    The minimum withdraw amount for Litecoin is, .1 Litecoin .
    Therefore, I have to wait a little longer than 24 hours for my withdraw.
    I think 26 hours.
    The website makes all of this profoundly clear, yet, when they say “interest” 4.5% daily…
    That is actually interest plus principal. So, you get paid 4.5% daily.
    Overall the interest payments are 47% over six weeks + principal of !00% = 147%
    payment over six weeks.
    There is also only 1% paid on weekends which they make perfectly clear as well.
    This is still a bit better than the bank will give you, and the banks money is depreciating faster than the ROI. ( Return on Investment ) and.. they don’t have Litecoins.
    The good thing about the investment in Bitpetite is that your Coins are not Tied up for say… 299 days on Bitconnect on the minimum investment.
    Also, you can withdraw a portion (Around 3.88%) of your Principal daily provided you meet the minimums for withdraw.
    So the real interest payment is 1.11905 % daily (Rounded) or 408.45% anually (Rounded)
    compounded every six weeks should you choose to reinvest in the next term.
    You may also start a new contract any time to compound more frequently.
    I highly recommend this…

  7. I guess you were right after all. I wish I listened. Bitpetite is now a mirage…puff..gone with the wind, a with a pile of cash. Lesson learned in a hard way..if it’s too good to be true, 10 out of 10 times it surely is

  8. You should all be clever and withdraw every time you have 0.005 BTCs ! I did like that and now I am ok with the current situation of Bitpetite !
    I noted that Bitpetite is a scam after I had already invested and then took the decision to withdraw at each 0.005 !!! Please be also clever with “BITCHAIR”, pay attention with that Bigger Thief !!!


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