BitPico Provides Explanation For Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Attack in Interview

Prominent Bitcoin Developers and Miners BitPico recently had an E-mail interview with Alyssa Hertig of Coindesk in which they explained their motives behind the public threat to Bitcoin Cash. Even though the interview has not been published yet, BitPico provided the raw interview for the public in an attempt to be more transparent.

Alyssa starts off the interview by asking the motives behind attacking Bitcoin Cash. To which BitPico said that it is a stress test to validate the integrity of the Bitcoin Cash network on behalf of its investors. The primary rule of all decentralized computer networks is it should be robust enough to withstand attack. BitPico thinks that Bitcoin Cash has not been through enough tests to provide its investors a certain degree of confidence.

While on the other hand, Bitcoin has been attacked for good and for bad but its integrity remains intact which provides investor confidence. To illustrate this point, they provide an example of Skype.

“Skype is the perfect example of a decentralized computer network that was reverse engineered, attacked and subsequently 3 individuals collapsed all 100,000 backup supernodes leading to a full centralization of the protocol to Microsoft's datacenter.”

When asked about the technical details of the attack that they plan to execute, BitPico said that he will be carrying out everything from low-level TCP/IP stack attacks to high-level bitcoin cash protocol attacks. He hopes to a couple of things through this offensive. To start off with, the weakest nodes running on VPS’s will crash or run out of bandwidth and become non-responsive. Additionally, All other nodes will begin to stall out from multiple back-to-back pre-mined 32 Megabyte blocks.

BitPico points out the vulnerability of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain by saying:

“Our LevelDB stress testing shows that the Bitcoin Cash UTXO database on a complex 32 Megabyte block can require up to 200 Gigabytes of RAM to fully process and if this RAM is not available the UTXO database will become corrupt and if LevelDB doesn’t release the memory the OS will become unresponsive.”

Finally, when Alyssa asked about what gives BitPico the confidence about forking the blockchain, they were quick to point out their robust studies which concluded that LevelDB cannot sustain our complex blocks and Bitcoin Cash is 85% centralized to only a few data-centers and miners. If the centralized part of the blockchain would be lesser than 30%, their efforts would fail.

If BitPico is successful in the attempt to hack the blockchain is yet to be seen, but testing the security of the technology is vital for the entire ecosystem.

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