One look at Bitplanex Ltd will make you open an account and start investing with them. They promise to give the first payout one hour after starting. Despite this and other appealing offers and guarantees from Bitplanex, investors need to be careful about this site. It has several indicators of a scam or Ponzi scheme.

The owners are very careful not to mention the actual person or people who own this platform. This is a strategy to escape responsibility or accountability in case of any liability. The site owners are very keen to use vague language like saying a team of specialists is behind the technology. They also say that their team is working hard for the investors.

Bitplanex Cryptocurrency Investing?

The entire information about the business is convincing innocent investors that they are legit and trustworthy. Interested people need to search for any other information outside the company. Legitimate businesses have other authoritative personalities or businesses vouching for them. This is a fact that Bitplanex is lacking.

Although the company indicates an address and data centres, there is no way to prove this is true. This online platform is owned by another company that is also very reluctant to be transparent. Anyone is eligible to register an account despite his or her location in the world. By claiming to be in UK and other regions does not make its operations it is true.

Too Good To Be True Claims

The site claims that people will be earning on an hourly basis forever. They will also earn more by being part of an affiliate network. Those who decide to invest in this company need to do due diligence. These scam sites are becoming difficult to discern because most of them to not rob people immediately. They wait until investors have increased their deposits and earnings and then they embezzle all the funds. Afterwards, the site owners disappear and cannot be traced.

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