BitPlus Network BPNT ICO

Introducing BitPlus Network BPNT ICO

BitPlus Network BPNT is an ultramodern merchant ecosystem that is designed to bring out the best out of any shop. Basically, they provide advanced hybrid cloud solutions, by assessing and managing daily business operations to ensure the best experience for every customer while simultaneously allowing the earning quality rewards through transactions.

How Does BitPlus Work?

This system enhances interaction between customers alongside shops and patrons. It provides shops and patrons the ability to use voice and non-voice interaction management systems in receiving calls, chatting with customers online and then supervising agents and their abilities to make and receive calls.

This is done through a user-friendly cloud-based application, which is compatible with any of the current web-based browsers. With this system, productivity and good customer service are assured.

Structured on a transaction based reward system, this platform is ideal for customers and merchants who participate on the network. Customers will receive tokens from BitPlus. The tokens can be redeemed for through various merchants and are redeemable for BitPlus services.

Although most merchant ecosystem that is crypto-based tend to be tremendously volatile, BitPlus plans to control the supply BPNT in a way that there will be a stable form of redemption. The ERC20 Token based on the ERC20 standard will be used and made to be compatible with the BitPlus wallet as well as with other ERC20-compatible wallets.

Who is Behind BitPlus?

Behind BitPlus is a team made up of a number of the most exceptional marketers and merchant processors in the industry. Several of the team members have an extensive background in blockchain technology and have been working in the cryptocurrency industry for a long time. In fact, some of the team members have experience in working with different payment processors as well as in carrying out innovative strategies in a number of major companies.

Others have even founded their own private companies and are providing funds to other medium-sized businesses. The team also consists of coders and developers, PR specialists and masters of computer and information systems, as well as security and information assurance.

There are also the specialists in the world of e-commerce and merchant services. The different advisors who make up the team are regarded as a set of the most trusted people in the industry.

The team is blessed with some of the most exceptional people in the industry. A visit to the company website, you help you learn more about them. On their site, they provide necessary information with complete transparency. A major advantageous factor of working with any company in this space is that you have full knowledge of the founders as well as the location of the company.

BitPlus Network BPNT ICO Conclusion

BitPlus Network BPNT has shown that they are a very valid company that consists of people with wide, rich and unique backgrounds. With the use of the Bit Plus platform, this group of people are willing and committed to ensuring that merchant services and payment processing get to a better level.

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